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This is the fifty-ninth chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Enri Emmot is exhausted from the literary lessons provided by Nfirea Bareare to prepare her for the role of chieftain. Nfirea tells her that she has greatly improved in the last five days since she assumed the role, but the new leader can't help feel daunted by the amount of stuff she still has to learn. The young pharmacist assures her that he will help her before he departs from the Emmot residence. Feeling tired, Enri decides to call it a night and go to sleep. Elsewhere at the village wall, Shuringan and Gurindai are manning the watchtower. Through his telescope, Gurindai spots something that shocks him.

Back at the Emmot house, Enri and her sister Nemu Emmot are roused awake by the village alarm. Both instinctively know what to do. Getting dressed, the two join the other villagers amassing outside in the village square. Gokou hurries over and reports that a horde of monsters were seen at the edge of the forest and maybe are heading to attack the village. Seeing that she has to be at the front to view the situation, Enri orders Nemu to hurry to the rendezvous point with the other villagers. Nemu with some reluctance obeys and as Enri sees her off cannot help wonder if the gods wants to see them suffer.

At the main gate of the village, Jugem and Brita are already organizing the militia and ogres to prepare for battle. Enri and Gokou join them and find Nfirea present at the scene as well. Enri inquires where his grandmother is, who Nfirea assures that she is at the rendezvous point along with the other non-combatants. Brita thinks they should send some warriors to where the other villagers are hiding to reassure them, but Jugem advises against it. It would be unwise to divide their strength as currently there is a large number of monsters approaching the villager of what appear to be ogres, giant snakes, wargs, and barghests. And if that's not bad enough, something big is coming from behind the horde. The leaders of the defense wonder what it could be narrow it down to be the Giant of the East.

Jugem proceeded to go over their defense strategy. Brita will direct the Vigilance Committee to deliver his orders. He then plans to feather the attackers with arrows after which the defenders will proceed to use barricades to entrap them and stab them with spears. In addition to that, taking out the wargs and barghests first should be a priority given their capacity for causing damage. In a case where there might be a druid hiding among the enemy, Jugem recommends the committee to fall back. Brita agrees to this, though is a bit concerned that they won't have enough people in the front, but Jugem thinks it will be alright with luck. Her concern also shifts to the Demon Snake of the West, wondering what kind of magic it possesses. Nfirea tells her that usually monsters with innate spells won't have more than ten of them, but if they practice and learn magic they can overcome that limit. Enri seeing the unrest in some of the members of the militia, comments that she is glad they have some people who can use magic but thinks magic is a bit like cheating. She then asks the villagers who heard her to promise not to mention this to Ainz Ooal Gown, which draws some smiles, relaxing the tension in the air.

Brita opening up tells all those present that in all her life as an adventurer, this is the first time she witnessed seeing such brave villagers. Enri solemnly states that this was the result of one attack that happened in the past. After experiencing that, the villagers hated the feeling of being helpless. Jugem interjects on a more positive issue and states that the Vigilance Committee should concentrate on staying behind the frontlines and shooting their arrows just like they trained them, while he and his goblins stay in front and take care of the rest. Also included in the forces are Agu and several members of his tribe who are eager to repay the village for sheltering them. Enri has a request for Nfirea, who blushes due to her proximity to his face. Before he goes with Enri, he entrusts his bag of alchemical solutions to Agu and asks him to use them against the enemy at medium range. Agu swears that he will play his role, confirming he is officially a member of the village from this moment forward.

The goblins atop the watchtower report to the others at the gate that monsters are now heading towards them. Jugem and Brita order everyone to take their positions. Enri then tells Jugem that she and Nfirea will patrol the houses in the village to make sure if everyone evacuated safely. Jugem wishes them luck and to be safe. Just as they leave, the wooden gates creak at the force from the monsters trying to barge in. Jugem orders the goblins at the watchtower to begin suppressive fire, which the they comply landing hits on a few ogres. Soon, several rocks are thrown at them. Dodging the projectiles, the archers confirm the number of ammunition and throwers on the other side of the gate. The order to prepare a volley of arrows at the enemy is given to the committee. The watchtower collapses from the onslaught but Shuringan and Gurindai land safely on the ground. Jugem tells the defenders not to panic and orders all the archer to let loose and a huge rain of arrows fell hard on the monsters behind the gate.

The ogres though manage to breach one of the gate doors causing Jugem and the archers to retreat to avoid being attacked by a possible magic caster and to change weapons. The ogres file in one by one finding their way barred by stockades and barricades on the other side. Its then revealed that the gate was intentionally damaged to allow the attackers in and into a kill zone. The villagers, allied ogres and goblins then proceeded to slug the monsters one by one either using a club, spear or arrow. Their confidence runs still when a massive troll comes through the gap. The troll moving stiffly wields a massive sword in hand and is identified by the defenders as none other than the Giant of the East.

In the village, Enri and Nfirea have made sure everyone has evacuated. They hear a noise at the gates and assume the fighting has started. Enri decides that they should head back though Nfirea thinks it would be best to go to the rendezvous point to calm everyone down. The new chieftain refuses as its not the right thing to do as she needs to be the one to lead the village and goblins. Upon hearing her conviction, Nfirea agrees to her decision promising to protect her. The statement causes Enri's seriousness to vanish and she is briefly silent. Nfirea wondering if she is alright tries to let her know that he won't let her die but she tells him to stop talking about dying making him embarrassed. Back on focus, the two are about to head to the gate when a massive hand grips the top of the wall nearby. The hand turns out to belong to a giant monster that is scaling the village's fence. Nfirea quickly seeing it takes Enri and hides. After it successfully clime over its obstacle, Nfirea from his and Enri's hiding spot realizes that it's a troll. He tells Enri that a troll is bad news as from what he heard, trolls are monsters that even gold ranked adventurers have trouble with and is not so sure if Jugem and the others could defeat it. The troll begins smelling the area, which Nfirea explains that it has a very sensitive nose and could be dangerous for them if the monster picks up their scent.

Nfirea thinks they should hurry back to the goblins, but Enri is afraid that the troll would follow after them. If it comes during the battle at the gate then the defenders would be caught in a pincer attack and killed. To avoid that worst scenario from happening, the two of them had to find a way in stopping it or at least delay it in the meantime. Enri noticing a discarded blanket on the ground proposes a plan.

The troll scouts the houses of the village seeking prey with its nose. It notices a whiff of a smell that it determines to be ogre when Nfirea in a blanket cloak rushes out at the demi-human and splashes a herb solution on its nose. Stunned, the troll is wracked with pain of the stench from the liquid. After it recovers, the troll searches for the attacker but sees nothing. Finding the cloak Nfirea was wearing, the troll picks up and after a brief whiff realizes that its the same smell as ogre. Seeing that it was tricked, as the human used the scent of ogres to hide itself, it goes into a rage. Another cloaked figure runs out in the open in panic, causing the troll to direct its attention at it thinking it to be the same person. Giving chase, the troll follows the figure who turns out to be Enri towards a cluster of houses and loses her. Nfirea then switches places with her wearing another cloak to attract the troll's attention and then disappearing among the houses. Enri take his place and stands out in open for the troll to chase her. But the troll sees through the ruse and now knows there are two accomplices. It then smashed the house Nfirea was hiding in, who manages to escape its destruction. Nfirea then runs between Enri and the troll and told her to flee promising to buy her some time to escape. The reasons Nfirea gives to Enri are that he is stronger so he would likely be able to survive fighting the troll and most importantly, he wants to protect the woman he loves. Now facing the troll, the magic caster calls out to the monster to attack him.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace October 2020 Issue.


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