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This is the second part of the fifty-eighth chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Enri Emmot's mind is still reeling from the idea of being the new village chief. Walking outside, she asks Gokou to give her some time alone. Alone she thinks that the role of chief is too big for a girl like her and that her nomination is only due to the Horn of the Goblin General she got from Ainz Ooal Gown. Her train of thought is broken by Lupusregina Beta who asks what is troubling her. Enri tries to get advice on her current situation, but is instead playfully teased by the maid on the opposite gender, though it gets her out of her sober attitude. Lupusregina, after seriously thinking about Enri becoming chief, tells her that she has no clear direction what to tell her, but if she is being pushed into the position, then she better not take it and think about it very carefully. Whoever takes the role is bound to make mistakes like any leader, save forty-one people she knows. But if she stops and thinks about it carefully, Enri is the most suitable person for the job and should talk to the goblins. Leaving that said, Lupusregina then bids Enri goodbye.

Nfirea Bareare and Nemu Emmot meet Enri just as Lupusregina leaves. Nemu welcomes her older sister back for returning to the village, having been worried about her. Nfirea also welcomes back his childhood friend. Enri asks Nemu if she could speak with Nfirea alone for the time being, which the younger girl is more than happy to allow and goes back home alone. Nfirea and Enri decided to have their private discussion at a hill near Carne Village, where Enri tell her friend the chief's offer to become the new leader of the village and her feelings of being unworthy. To the contrary, Nfirea thinks that she should take the job. Enri tells Nfirea why as she is just a village girl but only for the magic caster to inform her that she is more than that as she is a leader to the goblins. Nfirea confesses that Lupusregina probably wanted Enri to speak with the Goblin Troop, because they said they if Enri is not the chief, they will prioritize her safety over the village's safety. Enri cannot believe that the goblins would do such a thing, but Nfirea tells her that its the truth directly from them. To the goblins, the most important existence is Enri, however if she becomes chief, the goblins will decide to stay and fight for the entire village because it's her property under her rule. They see the only things that are worth saving are the ones Enri holds most dear to her like Nemu and Nfirea, who they secretly told would guarantee their safety in an emergency.

Enri can tell that Nfirea is not lying when he tells her this as she knows him too well. She wonders why the goblins would be willing to do so much for her. Nfirea points out that she isn't just their summoner but also treats them with kindness and like people. He also bluntly points out that the demi-humans don't have a strong connection to the villagers as they were never seen as anything more than summoned monsters. Anyhow, he is more or less confident that she will be a good chief. Through his words of encouragement, Enri decides to go back to the chief and accept his offer.

Later as Enri is announced the new chief of Carne Village, Lupusregina walks from a hill at the gathered humans. She is soon joined by Yuri Alpha who flies over and asks what is going on in the village. Lupusregina merely states that a new leader has risen and possibly a new chapter in human history. However, she comments on what would happen if the entire village were to be snuffed out at that moment. Hearing the change in demeanor, Yuri is surprised that her sister would say such a thing as she thought she was getting along nicely with the villagers. The other maid states they were merely insects she was observing all this while and gleefully wonders if the village will be destroyed soon.

Major Events[]

  • Enri becomes the new chief of Carne Village.

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New Characters[]

  • There are no new characters introduced in this chapter.

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  • No new abilities were introduced during this chapter.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace September 2020 Issue.


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