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This is the first part of the fifty-seventh chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Guu though injured, heals at a rapid speed, which Ainz Ooal Gown comments to be due to his racial background as a troll. Ryraryus Spenia Ai Indarun seeing what just happen is filled with fear as Ainz views them as ants at his feet. But Ainz sees the Demon Snake of the West attempt at escape and orders Aura Bella Fiora to capture him. The dark elf summarily seizes the naga by the neck and drags him to a distance at Ainz's order. Ainz then turns his attention to Guu and his minions. The undead approaches, and Guu shrinks back in fear. This does not go unnoticed by Ainz finding it funny that Guu's confidence has vanished and echoes what the troll said about those with long names being cowards, and yet here in this situation it is contradictory. He calls out to Aura and Ryraryus to ask if his name is that of a coward, which Aura happily states to be glorious, as does the naga at duress.

Guu seeing Ainz distracted strikes a blows on the Overlord, but it has no effect. Ainz calls the troll's act cowardly as he cuts Guu's right arm with a swing of hid staff. Recoiling in pain, Guu cries out and demands to know what Ainz is and why his attacks are not working. The Overlord in an intimidating fashion states that he is the one who will bring death to Guu. Having no choice, Guu orders his trolls to attack both Ainz and Aura. Ainz cannot help but feel somewhat disappointed in this and how Guu would ruin their one on one duel. Deciding that play time is over, Ainz uses his skill of Despair Aura V which causes all the trolls in the cave to drop dead instantly.

Ainz takes the opportunity to examine Guu's sword, noting the weapon to be the kind of a magical item that can change it's size and has a poison effect. Ainz wonders if he should give it to the village and the idea of using Zombie Trolls to attack the location. Ryraryus who had witnessed the scene is told by Ainz that he would be kept alive as he had some value. The naga in fear for his life hastily swears his loyalty to the Overlord seeing it natural for the weak to serve the strong. Unimpressed by the servitude, Ainz is more interested in what the naga said about the dark elves which Ryraryus swears he will tell him everything he knows. Ainz inquires if the naga had any subordinates, which the latter confirms he indeed does. However since he was negotiating with Guu before Ainz came, he did not bring any as it would have been difficult to escape with his minions if negotiations broke down. A question is raised if Ryraryus has any trolls under his command and is given the answer that one is within the naga's followers.

Ainz considers using the naga's troll to replace the Giant of the East, but decides against doing so. Rather, he orders Aura to take Ryraryus and his minions back to the base she is building. He places the Demon Snake of the West under her command telling her that they may have a use for him. After Aura's hand is removed from his neck, Ryraryus prostates before Ainz, begging that he would never betray him so as to save himself from a possible death. The Overlord finds it curious that Ryraryus was able to gleam that much from his intent and asks if all nagas are able to read his emotions. Ryraryus states that its not so much as a special ability only that he is able to read the interests of a person. Satisfied with the answer, Ainz tells his new follower to gather his minions.

Enri Emmot returns to Carne Village with where the rest of the Goblin Troop are pleased that she was able to sell the herbs and brought back many arrowheads for them to use. Gokou also informs her that the chief of the village wishes to speak with her and seeing that she intends to visit decides to go with her. While riding on a wagon to the chief's residence, Gokou asks if Enri was able to post the chief request for more people to live at the village at the temple. Unfortunately, Enri replies that no one seemed to be interested in moving to Carne Village due to the dangers of living on the frontier. The girl asks the goblin what happened while she was a way, which Gokou reports that the villagers and goblins managed to finish building homes for the ogres. Save for the smell there, everything seems to be in order, which Enri is happy to hear especially as the Stone Golems from Ainz pitched. When Enri believes they should thank Lupusregina Beta for the help, the goblin unease shows and advises his master that she shouldn't ask that woman too much. He states that he is uncomfortable around her as she feels like a predator that is quietly observing her prey. Enri doesn't think the same as her goblin, believing Lupusregina to be a good person. This pleases the woman in question, who became the shock of the wagon riders as she appears right behind them. Enri shocked at her appearance inquires how she was able to sneak up on them, which the maid answers that she used invisibility. The maid asks the whereabouts of the hobgoblin child, which Enri answers that Agu to be with the chief as the goblin wanted to tell him about the status of the forest and the rest of his tribe's stay in Carne Village.

Agu and the chief are outside waiting for Enri. Lupusregina and Gokou decide to give the girl and chief privacy and take the wagon to the stables in the meantime. Agu then bows to the chief and addresses Enri to tell her that her predecessor thanks her for all the support and departs. This confuses Enri as the goblin means by former chief. The chief and Jugem then sit down with Enri to tell her what they had discussed since she was away. The chief is not surprised by Enri's failure at convincing those in the city to come to the village, but has some important news to give to her, which is to be the new chief of the village. Enri is totally confused as how can she be expected to become the new leader as she is still just a little girl. The chief bids her to calm down and explains that the situation in the village is currently precarious. Jugem tells Enri that right now the goblins and ogres that they have taken under their care think Enri is the leader of the village. He believes that now is the best time to solidify their relationship if such concept was maintained for real. Beside the decision to make her chief is not just his opinion alone, but by the anonymous vote of all the villagers as a whole. Enri protests why this is happening to her, which the chief points out is due to the attack on the village by the knights. The trauma was so severe that the villagers are looking for a strong leader, who they see in Enri. The pain of losing so many loved ones that day still haunts the people of Carne Village, and now after experiencing so many peaceful days have become even more vigilant and watchful. Especially now that the Wise King of the Forest is gone, the likelihood of being attacked by monsters is now high. A new leader is needed to help steer the village in a new direction. The chief ask Enri to think it over wisely before she makes a decision.

Major Events[]

  • The Giant of the East if killed by Ainz Ooal Gown and the Demon Snake of the West becomes a subordinate of Aura.
  • Enri returns to Carne Village and is offered to become the new village chief.

Character Appearance[]

In Order of Appearance[]

New Characters[]

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  • Despair Aura V

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Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace August 2020 Issue.
  • In Overlord Manga Volume 15 the chapter was changed to Episode 58.1.


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