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This is the second part of the fifty-sixth chapter of the Overlord Manga.


In his office, Ainz Ooal Gown has Lupusregina Beta, reprimanding her for her not doing her diligence in her duties in watching Carne Village and the surrounding area. Ainz cites the existence of the Giant of the East and Demon Snake of the West to be examples of her foolhardiness. While she was aware she made no point to inform him of these potential dangers so close to the village. He demands to know if she was intentionally hiding the information. Lupusregina fearfully states that was not the case as the reason why she did not mention those two monsters to her master was because she had too little information to give him. This does not satisfy the undead who explodes at the maid, calling out his disappointment to her to all in the room. He admits that she can handle what happens in Carne Village at her discretion, however she is not above making decisions and that she should have reported to him of this development. While he says that Lupusregina is at fault, Ainz deep down knows that is due to the failure of the communication network he has been trying to establish in Nazarick's structure.

He goes on to ask the maid if she knows the value of Carne Village to Nazarick. Lupusregina is unsure as answers that the village is just full of "toys." Ainz exasperated apologizes to Lupusregina for his outburst and then in a more calm tone tries to explain the reason why Carne Village is such a vital resource to them. The village contains two individuals: Nfirea Bareare and Lizzie Bareare that are very important as both are developing brand new potions for Nazarick. Recalling what Nfirea had given her, she shows Ainz Ooal Gown the potion. The Overlord surprised by the color of the potion, is told by Lupusregina that it is the Bareare's fruit of labor. Seeing it before him, Ainz states that the value of the Bareare's have risen one level. Originally the potions in the New World were blue, while the potions Ainz is familiar with are red. It is certain that one can use the knowledge and power from YGGDRASIL in this world. The encounter with the angel and World Item are proof of that. However a question of why can't YGGDRASIL potions be replicated, causes Ainz to draw three possibilities. One is that the technology to reproduce such potions were lost by some defunct country. Two that the knowledge of the manufacture did not spread to this country. The third was due to optimization, in that materials from YGGDRASIL are needed to produce their potions exclusively and hence why the blue potion is what this world can provide. The potion that Nfirea has created though draws out a new possibility in that it can be a revolutionary invention or perhaps a failed product. Narberal Gamma asks if they should have more people research it. Ainz shoots that idea down as it would be more dangerous if they allow knowledge of the potion be distributed freely. He even brings the possibility that the potion could be refined to kill him with a single attack. The best way would be to monopolize the knowledge and Nfirea.

Lupusregina has one other question, as to why Ainz gave a potion to that former adventurer, Brita. Ainz remembering his blunder with Brita when he first started as an adventurer. He tries to state vaguely that there was a purpose. Narberal asks if the reason was to compensate the woman for the loss of her potion. Ainz lies and tells them that there was another facet to his giving away of the potion to Brita. That his real reason was to attract the attention of Nfirea and goes to claim that was his intent from the start. Those in the room buy the explanation astonished that Ainz had though so far in advance. One question still begs Lupusregina and she asks if it would be better for the monsters to attack the village and save the Bareares'? The plan is sound, though Ainz points out if Carne Village is destroyed by monsters, he may not be keen to work with them in the future. The three people Lupusregina that she should be protecting are Nfirea, his grandmother and the village girl Enri Emmot that he is attached to. Having understood her objectives, the maid thanks her master. Ainz forgives her for her lapse in judgement but reminds her to not to make this mistake again and is escorted out by Narberal.

Just as Ainz is discussing with Aura Bella Fiora on their next course of action to deal with the so-called rulers of the forest, they hear a loud shout from Lupusregina being none too subtle in her joy outside. She is silenced by Narberal who smashes her head with a good punch and drags her sister away. Back to the discussion at hand, Aura tells her master that she has never heard of the Giant of the East and Demon Snake of the West despite having mapped the entire Great Forest of Tob. Ainz is not surprised given the size of the territory and their level of standard of power in Nazarick. However the Overlord believes that if the two monsters are on par with Hamsuke it may be some worth in recruiting them.

Ainz and Ara travel through the dense woods on Fenn. Ainz states that he will handle the Giant of the East whilst Aura deals with the Demon Snake of the West. Aura thinks it would be better to crush them, though Ainz wishes to talk with them first as he would prefer to add them as collectibles in Nazarick like Hamsuke. When Aura then understands that her master intends to use Hamsuke as a guinea pig to turn the hamster into a warrior. Hence all of Ainz's actions, such having the Chief Blacksmith develop armor and having Hamsuke train under the lizardmen are for that purpose.

While riding behind her atop Fenn, Ainz remembers that Aura and Mare are still child and developing. Taking notice of Aura's slender waist and tapped causing the dark to jump in surprise. She asks what has got his interest, in which he states that her self-care was his concern. After briefly asking on her well being, such as eating properly and sleeping, Aura has a question of her own and asks who he likes the most Albedo or Shalltear, his answer shocks her but he tells her not to dwell on it and if possible maybe they should visit a nation of dark elves. They soon come to the territory of the Giant of the East which is surrounded by felled trees and looks like someone was trying to mimic the Monument of Ruin.

They approach a cave where at the delve into to discover a trio of ogres devouring raw meat. The demi-humans seeing the two attempt to attack them. One tries to smash Ainz, but she easily kills it and tells the survivors to bring their boss. The two ogres run away deeper into the cave and shortly later a bunch of trolls led by a massive one appears which Ainz notes to be a variant specimen he dubs as a War Troll. He also directs his attention to a corner of the cave where soon a Naga appears dispelling its invisibility. The naga wary that the undead can see through his ability. The troll, Guu, is unimpressed demands why the Ainz is here, calling him a skeleton. The Overlord states that he is not a skeleton and introduces himself as Ainz Ooal Gown, which earns him a chorus of laughs by the trolls and Guu who claim that cowards have long names unlike his. Aura is angry at the insult, but Ainz stays her hand. Turning to the naga, he asks what he thinks of this. The naga states that he does not feel the same as his own name, Ryraryus Spenia Ai Indarun is long and apologizes to the undead for his comrade's stupidity. Hearing that Ainz declares that the naga just saved himself.

Guu demands to know why Ainz is here, which the latter states that he is the one building a fortress in the middle of the forest. Guu now showing his hostility states that he will kill the undead, and ignores Ryraryus attempts to reason with Guu to work together to defeat Ainz, believing his strength is more than enough. Ainz conjuring a staff, offers a duel with Guu, but warns him of running as he will be reduced to a slave. The troll unamused accepts and launches a barrage of blows from his sword. None of the attacks do any damage to Ainz, and Ryraryus tries one last time to convince Guu that they need to work together but he is ignored. The War Troll's fight ends when Ainz lands a blow on his face, facing it down, Guu in pain, is lectured by Ainz that being timid isn't the same as being weak to the shock of all.

Major Events[]

  • Ainz expressed his displeasure towards Lupuspregina for her failure in safeguarding Carne Village.
  • The Overlord learns of Nfirea's progress on a new potion and quickly plans to monopolize it.
  • Ainz and Aura then go the Great Forest of Tob to meet with the Giant of the East and Demon Snake of the West to negotiate.
  • Guu the Giant of the East is unimpressed by Ainz Ooal Gown and attempts to crush him to no avail, and ends up being beaten by one blow.

Character Appearance[]

In Order of Appearance[]

New Characters[]

Abilities Used[]

  • No new abilities were introduced during this chapter.

Known Locations[]

Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace July 2020 Issue.
  • When the chapter was first released, it was titled as Episode 56 by mistake.
  • In Overlord Manga Volume 14, the chapter was renamed as Episode 57.


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