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This is the first part of the fifty-sixth chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Jugem asks Enri Emmot to take command of the ogres they captured. He and Nfirea Bareare agree that if Enri shows they her strength they will follow her orders. If not they will eliminate them. Enri though nervous agrees with the request as she wants to protect Carne Village. Enri is brought before the ogres and orders them to bow, causing the demi-humans to bow immediately down. There she tells them that they are now part of her tribe, and her commands are to be good and work hard. The ogres obey, in awe of her powerful command. Jugem tells his mistress that the Goblin Troop will handle setting up tents for the ogres, but hopes that the ogres will become residents in the village itself.

Enri confesses to Nfirea that she would need to ask the entire village to be onboard with this arrangement. Nfirea states that it should be okay since she has agreed to it. Nfirea informs Enri that he won't be able to go to E-Rantel with her, as he will be busy treating the ogres and Agu's tribesmen. Enri is worried as she will have to go to the city by herself. She worries about all the tasks she will have to do, such as going to the temple to solicit for more people to come to the village. Commanding ogres, and going on official village business is way beyond what a village girl like her should be doing. Nfirea tells her not worry and be too pessimistic and that there is probably another like her in the world with her situation. While she is gone, Nfirea promises to look after her sister Nemu. Agu who has been watching Enri sees that what the other goblins have been saying were true and that Enri is a powerful chieftain.

The next day Enri is in the guardhouse of the customs gate at the city of E-Rantel. A guard tells her that her pass checks out from being distributed to Carne Village. Enri tells the soldier she came to the city to sell herbs. The guard states that he needs to confirm in the registry of a woman named Enri Emmot from Carne Village first. Another guard tells his colleague that they brought in a special inspector to conduct a physical examination. A robed magic caster from the Magician's Guild enters the room. The magic caster uses [Detect Magic] and immediately detects something. He orders the girl to reveal the item around her waist. Confused, Enri asks if he means this, the Horn of the Goblin General. The inspector confirms that item is an object of power, and he is not fooled by her innocence. Using [Appraisal Magic Item], and finds it to possess tremendous magic letting out a yell shocking all in the room. He demands to know who exactly is Enri as a common village girl would not be in possession of an item. Enri tries to tell her that she is just a village girl, and the item is just a gift she received from her village's savior. Still not convinced at her words, the inspector demands the truth and suspects it to be an item from the Slane Theocracy. He even accuses her of being a spy from that country and orders the guards to send more men to their location. He tells her that horn which she carries, that can summon a flock of goblins is at least a thousand gold coins much to her and the guards astonishment. If she were a top class adventurer, her story would be believable. However the magic caster has never heard of this Ainz Ooal Gown and why would such a person give such an item to her? Enri tries to tell the inspector that Ainz Ooal Gown knows Gazef Stronoff, but her story is given less credibility. The guards ask the magic caster what they should do, in which the latter suggest they detain her and fully investigate her.

The conversation is interrupted by the appearance of Momon who demands to know what is going on, as he is seeking to enter the city. The magic caster apologizes to the adventurer explaining that were occupied in investigating suspicious girl Momon taking a glance at her recognizes her, calling her by her name. Enri confirms that is her name, though she cannot recall ever meeting Momon though remembers that he came to Carne Village with Nfirea. She asks if Nfirea told him her name, which the warrior verifies. Thinking for a moment, Momon makes a discrete motion to the inspector who takes the hint and tells the guards to let Enri go stating that it is fine as Momon confirms her identity.

As Enri enters the city, one of the guards asks the inspector if this is alright. The inspector asks if he doubts the words of a hero like Momon. The guards wonders on the relationship between the famous adventurer and that girl. The magic caster does not know, but Momon's word is enough, though he doubts Enri is just a common village girl.

Enri, riding her wagon into the city, is still at a loss on exactly what transpired in the guardhouse, and still cannot believe on the value of the artifact given to her by Ainz. This leaves her an impression of how great the magic caster really is. Her thoughts are interrupted when a mysterious woman flies down to sit next to her on the wagon seat. Enri distracted by the woman's beauty, let's it out on how beautiful she is, on par with Lupusregina Beta. The woman at first having a hostile stare, melts and thanks her for the compliment. Going back to her teask, the woman asks the young girl if she could answer some questions.

Elsewhere, Momon is waiting with Hamsuke wondering why Enri is here of all places and how much she knows about his and Nfirea's business arrangement. Hamsuke noticing her master's silence asks if anything is wrong. Momon tells his mount that it's nothing, but asks how is her training is going forward as he wants to equip her with weapons and armor soon. Hamsuke states her training going well and perhaps soon will be able to do Martial Arts. Momon asks if the Death Knight training with her has made any progress, sadly Hamsuke reports nothing has been shown so far. Momon is disappointed in this as he was hoping that the Death Knight might achieve some level of Martial Arts, but perhaps its an impossibility in this world. They are joined by Nabe, who coveys a message from Enri thanking him for his assistance. As for why the girl is in the city, Nabe reports that it is to sell herbs, to journey to the Temple to gain new villagers and finally go to the Adventurer's Guild. The last item catches Momon's attention and wonders why Enri is going there. Sadly Nabe cannot provide any information. Furthermore he has not received any new information from Lupusregina. Momon then decides to pay a visit to the guild to solve this mystery. He is a bit disappointed as he believed Lupusregina would take her job seriously. Nabe tell her master Lupusregina's cheerful attitude is just an act hiding a brutal and brilliant maid. Momon makes their destination to the Adventurer's Guild and has Hamsuke take him and Nabe there.

At the Adventurer's Guild, a receptionist greet Enri at the desk. On the first note of business, Enri asks the receptionist is the guild can act as a mediator for the sale of herb. The receptionist agrees and states that appraisers will come and offers Enri to wait in the mean time. Enri also adds in her request. The receptionist after listening to Enri's story, tells her the only one who can handle the situation would be an adamantite adventurer like Momon, which will be quite expensive. Enri asks if they could get help using the city's subsidy, but the receptionist states that though the subsidy pays for a portion of the fee, it still will be expensive to pay the rest. The request can be put out for a cheaper amount, though it will be given less priority. Enri realizes that this is all rehearsed and that really money is the factor. This confirms her belied that Ainz is a true savior. She decides to just get the herbs appraised and be on her way. While waiting in the lobby, the receptionist rushes over to her much to the other girl's shock. With extreme urgency she asks the village girl to elaborate on the details on her request. Taken to a private room the receptionist flutters around Enri, eager to cater to her every need. Enri tells her it alright, and that she is ready to talk with the receptionist preparing to jot everything down on paper. After the receptionist get the full account from Enri she thanks her and leaves the girl confused on what just happened.

The receptionist delivers the report to the guildmaster Pluton Ainzach who is sitting with Momon who wants to know the details of Enri's request. Learning about the Demon Snake of the West and Giant of the East, Momon now understands the situation going on in Carne Village. He thanks Pluton for his assistance in this situation. The guildmaster humbles states it was nothing and was glad to be of service. Momon seeing that his information is Carne Village has gaps intends to correct it by calling Lupusregina for accountability.

Back at Carne Village, the said battle maid is yawning wondering if anything interesting will be happening.

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  • Detect Magic
  • Appraisal Magic Item

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace June 2020 Issue.


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