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This is the second part of the fifty-fifth chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Agu gives his account of why was fleeing in the Great Forest of Tob. His pursuers were the minions of the Giant of the East. None of the others have heard of such a being, so the goblin further explains that the Giant of the East is one of the Three Monsters that rule the forest. Among them are beings like the Beast of the South and the Demon Snake of the West. As for the north all Agu knows that a lake is situated there with all kinds of races and beings. Ever since the Beast of the South had disappeared the forest has gone weird, especially after the appearance of the Monument of Ruin. The master who rules that new fortress in the forest is said to have shadows lurking there and undead.

Kaijali asks how he managed to escape, for which the young goblin states that originally the Three Monsters held each other in check as the monsters form the east and west would refrain from attacking each other, wary that their fight might attract the attention of the Beast of the South. Thus they were in a standoff, until the appearance of the ruler of the Monument. Now that rulers of the East and West decided to united to fight the King of Destruction and began demanding other creatures in the forest to fight for them. Agu's tribe, Gigu, was one such group. However while they were suppose to be allies, the Giant of the Eats treated them as expendable canon fodder. To survive the tribe fled, however most of them were killed. The members of the Goblin Troop reassure the goblin that their fellows are scouring the forest looking for survivors. They questions Agu on what kinds of monsters, other than Barghests that they might be facing. Agu gives them what information he has like boggards, bugbears, and ogres. Additionally he tells them that the Giant of the East wields a big sword and the Demon Snake of the West has a human head and can wield magic.

Brita and Nfirea Bareare are worried about the situation as since these monsters must have a great fighting force to have defeated a forest tribe like Au's. However Agu objects stating that his tribe were only defeated because they were in a weak position. They were originally stronger, but many of its members were lost when they sent a force along with their ogres to search for a new place to live. Nfirea has another question as to Agu's articulation as normal goblins, other than those of the Goblin Troop, aren't so sophisticated. Agu doesn't know why but he notes that the other goblins in his tribe only spoke with single words. Though the group suspect that Agu is not really a goblin but actually a hobgoblin and was adopted.

Lupusregina Beta suggests that they asks for Ainz Ooal Gown for help. Enri Emmot declines stating that they shouldn't rely on him too much and need to handle this themselves. The rest of the other agree with Enri's resolve much to Lupusregina's disappointment. Nfirea suggests that they make a report to the Adventurer's Guild and hopefully it will send someone to investigate the situation. Enri asks Brita about what the cost might be for this kind of request, which the other woman states that the cost might be high as the guild wants to prevent the deaths of their adventurers. This brings her a bad memory of a vampire she encountered. Brita leaves to talk to the self defense force. Lupusregina takes her leave to go for a walk, but before she goes, Nfirea asks her to hand a potion to Ainz. Despite not reaching the color red, the alchemist believes it is great progress, which Lpusregina will be happy to report to her master.

At night while sleeping in bed with Nemu Emmot, Enri has a lot on her mind. She hears a knock and goes to answer it to find Jugem. He guides her to the outside of the village and tells her that his troop found some members of Agu's tribe. He reveals that they were being used as food by the forces of the Giant of the East. Though Cona healed their physical wounds, they might still have mental scars. In addition they captured five ogres. However since ogres have a habit of coexisting with goblins in exchange for food they were willing to defect to their side. It was actually why the ogres decided to betray the Giant of the East due to their loyalty to the goblin tribe. Jugem thinks they can use them help to protect the village. So he requests Enri to be their master so that they will be loyal to the village. Outside the Goblin Troop and Nfirea are waiting outside before a group of kneeling ogres. Jugem announces his master Enri and declares that she will decide their fate.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace May 2020 Issue.


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