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This is the first part of the fifty-fifth chapter of the Overlord Manga.


The barghest passes Enri, Nfirea and the goblins fails to take notice them due to the sap and herbs. Seeing that the beast is after the goblin child, Enri them to save him. The goblins approach the barghest and demand it to leave the child alone. The beast attempts to threaten to kill its prey by exerting pressure on the child, but the goblin warriors are not impressed and attack.

Enri manages to toss a vial of glue on the barghest’s fur restricting its movements. The barghest uses [Chain Cyclone] to ward of the approaching attackers but Enri directs her goblins to avoid it. The beast is killed with a sword through it throat.

Enri tends to the injured goblin child. The state of his wounds require immediate attention. While herbs could help, Nfirea decides to use a potion he was saving to give to Ainz Ooal Gown. The child at first thinks it to be poison but after a few drops on his skin his wounds heal. Nfirea is glad it was a success, though the goblin is shocked that he was used as a guinea pig. Unlai thinks that the goblin should answer a few questions and warns him not to run away. Enri scolds her comrade for his harshness, but the goblin insist sits for the good of the village and the child.

The goblin acknowledges this and introduces himself as Agu, the fourth son of Ah of the Gigu tribe. The group return to Carne Village, though Agu pauses upon seeing the fortified wall. He muses that it’s similar to the Monument of Ruin. When questioned by the others, he only says that it’s a new scary place in the forest, where no one comes back from, and has undead lurking about.

Gokou asks how does he know so much. Agu explains that when the Monument of Ruin was still being built the braves from his tribe reported it. The goblins with Enri say they know nothing of it, as the interior of the forest is too dangerous for them. Agu is filled with questions, like who are Gokou and the others and why are they serving humans. The other goblins intimidate Agu asking why he was being chased in the forest. Enri wants to wait until Lupusregina Beta returns, who suddenly appears surprising everyone. The maid claims that she was following them innocently. After making a lewd joke she gets serious and demands to know what happened.

Nfirea decides to get Brita as she has former experience as an adventurer. The other prepare refreshments and wash their hands. Agu asks if Enri is a magic caster and is married to Nfirea, quickly embarrassing her. He’s further confused as why a female is calling the shots. Especially he Enri is not at all impressive.

Gokou tells that he will take care of the rest allowing herself to go. The older goblin tells Agu that Enri is pretending to be weak, and could easily kill him or that barghest if she got serious. This frightens Agu, but Gokou laughs and says he is just kidding. When Agu asks about Lupusregina who seems really strong, Gokou tells the child not to approach her as she is dangerous.

In the cabin Enri feels exhausted, all the while remembering and admiring Nfirea’s abilities during the battle with the magical beast. Lupusregina comments about her new surroundings, surprising Enri. While she could just barge into the room on her own, to the maid it’s all a matter of etiquette. Unlike some who have weird legends to their species. Enri is confused to who the maid is referring to until, Lupusregina informs them that Nfirea and Brita have finally arrived. Agu hears nothing but soon enough the two appear at the door.

Brita seeing the new goblin is surprised and introduces herself. With everyone gathered they all wait to listen to what Agu has to say.

Major Events[]

  • Enri and her Goblin Troop fight and beat a barghest.

Character Appearance[]

In Order of Appearance[]

New Characters[]

  • There were no new characters introduced in this chapter.

Abilities Used[]

  • Reinforce Armor
  • Chain Cyclone
  • Acid Arrow

Known Locations[]

Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace April 2020 Issue.


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