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This is the second part of the fifty-third chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Mare Bello Fiore sitting the Amphitheater reading a book notices that someone entered the floor and goes to check. Out on the 6th Floor, Albedo summons a bicorn before her colleagues, Aura Bella Fiora and Shalltear Bloodfallen. Aura is excited about the beast and asks if Albedo has named the bicorn yet. Albedo is confused as it's just a summon or a pet. Plus it's only a temporary existence and the Overseer Guardian is unsure if the bicorn is the same one that she summons. Shalltear suggests asking Kyouhukou for his opinion on summoning but the idea is rejected by Albedo. Moving on she decides to conduct her next experiment with her summon.

Meanwhile, Mare hurries down the stairs to greet the visitor who turns out to be Pulcinella. The dark elf welcomes the clown and asks what brings him to the 6th Floor. Pulcinella declares he was sent to pass a memo from Demiurge. Mare asks what Demiurge is up to which the clown states he is busy with breeding experiments to see if it's possible to cross different species like humans and demi-humans with each other. He claims that his superior has such a "merciful heart" as he is creating a new avenue of love for humans and breaking racial barriers. Though he doesn't understand why their subjects are so resistant with the treatments, especially when they showed equal treatment when they cooked and butchered their children and serve them other children to consume. After Pulcinella departs to get back to his post, Mare opens the memo and finds it to be a message from Ainz Ooal Gown inviting the male Floor Guardians to a day at Spa Resort Nazarick. Mare signs on that he will join and the next person to pass the message on is Cocytus, however, he is at the Great Lake with the lizardmen and it would be too dangerous to travel there by himself. The invitation is suppose to be secret wonders how he should avoid telling his sister.

The three women are watching the summoned bicorn as it collapsed after carrying Albedo. They wonder what is wrong with it. The argue what could be the problem from weight, muscle fatigue, etc. Shalltear asks Aura maybe she can communicate with the bicorn to see what's wrong but the elf confesses she can only talk to her beasts not those beasts owned by others, like Rororo. The vampire then decides to use her Game Encyclopedia, an item owned by her creator Peroroncino and given to her by Ainz to see what she can find about bicorns. Aura is slightly jealous of Shalltear's gift but is confident with her wristwatch. Albedo though longingly wishes to receive something personal from Ainz as she touches her belly. Shalltear finds an entry on bicorns that states they are related to unicorns which can be only be ridden by virgin. Bicorns, however, are the opposite. Hearing that the two women look at Albedo in disbelief as she is supposed to be an impure succubus. Albedo defends her virginity is a result of being cooped up in the Throne Room so she has no experience with the other sex. Albedo points a finger at Shalltear and asks what about her Shalltear claims she's not doesn't have experience with men as she prefers dead ones disturbing the other two. Now that they understand why she can't ride the bicorn, Aura asks what now. For Albedo it's not much of a problem as riding a mount is not her specialty. Though she aims to ride another certain 'mount' sparking a fight with Shalltear. Aura annoyed by the display gets a call from Mare telling him that he is going to see Cocytus. Aura is a bit curious about the reason and offers to go with him but Mare hastily states it's not necessary so she allows it.

Mare arrives in the Grand Library Ashurbanipal on the 10th Floor where he asks an elder lich where he can find the Chief Librarian. The lich directs Mare to one of the rooms where he finds the Chief Librarian Titus Annaeus Secundus muttering to himself that the scroll he is working on cannot contain a 3rd tier spell. The skeleton greets the Floor Guardian who asks what is the matter. Titus tells Mare that the materials from the outside world and proving difficult to work with in creating magic scrolls as none of the parchment from the outside can contain a spell beyond the 2nd tier. He brings the possibility that his methods of scroll creation may be incompatible with the New World since the surrounding nations use the same scrolls. It could indicate the method of refinement is more advance compared to Titus's knowledge which he hopes to understand for the benefit of Nazraick. Having said enough about his work, Titus asks Mare is there is something going on as he is here, which Mare confirms wanting to borrow some of Titus's level 75 subordinates. Titus expected as much and surmises that Mare is going outside the dungeon remembering Ainz orders for all Floor Guardians to be escorted when outside Nazarick. Titus offers Mare the Overlords of the library for his use as they would finding guarding Mare more interesting than books.

Elsewhere in Ainz Ooal Gown quarters, Ainz is busy rehearsing in front of a mirror repeating his lines for being a serious and intimidating leader of Nazarick. Reading from a notebook containing all his quotes he then puts it in a magic box and locks it in his Item Box. Going to his office, where several Eight-Edge Assassins are standing guard in the ceiling he greets Mare who gives him the memo with all the signatures of the male Floor Guardians coming to Spa Resort Nazarick. Albedo and the attending maid Cixous are also present. Ainz thanks Mare for his hard work, then notices Mare caressing his Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown and looking at him. The elf tells him that he is just admiring Ainz. Touch Ainz pats the Floor Guardian on the head reminding him that he should also be thankful for his other companions the Supreme Beings for creating Nazarick and all its NPCs. The words touch Cixous and Albedo and Ainz lifted Mare into the air declaring them all to be his treasures causing Mare to break in tears. Consoling him Ainz puts him down he is just about informed the group he would be returning to E-Rantel when Albedo pounces on him and straddles his waist. Ainz panicking tries to get her off him but Albedo refuses and begins to mount him whilst the others in the room are dumbstruck at this development. The Eight-Edge Assassins are the first to react declaring Albedo has gone insane and try to get her off their master, though they face some difficulty and request Mare to help them. Albedo is finally extracted from Ainz but is stating that it's all Ainz's fault as she is dragged away.

Later Demiurge has finally returned to Nazarick, and with Ainz and all the male Floor Guardians now present head to Spa Resort Nazarick. On the way, Cocytus and Ainz talk, with the latter expressing his envy towards his colleagues in their many projects. Ainz tells hims he too is providing a great service to Nazarick and cannot fault himself for his specialties and recommends he work in small steps to improve himself and maybe acquire Demiurge's level of knowledge. While heading to the facilities on the 9th Floor they run into the female Floor Guardians who are also heading there. The two groups are surprised at the coincidence. Albedo is eager to join Ainz in the same bath, though Ainz denies this in his serious tone and orders Aura to make sure it stays that way while she is in the female section. The men enjoy their time in the baths however they start hearing the lewd conversation from the women's sections by Shalltear and Albedo. Suddenly they hear a commotion and that the women are being attacked by a Lion Golem which Ainz realizes is a golem creation of Luci★Fer. Hearing the noise and the ensuing battle on the other side of the wall, the men decide to assist the women with the golem.

Major Events[]

  • Albedo discovers she is still a virgin.
  • Mare receives a memo from Ainz inviting the male Floor Guardians to Spa Resort Nazarick.
  • Titus shows Mare his experiments in New World magic scrolls.
  • Albedo tries to lose her virginity through Ainz but fails.
  • The Floor Guardians go to Spa Resort Nazarick to relax but are disturbed by the women who accidentally anger the Lion Golem.

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  • Summon Mount

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