This is the thirty-eighth chapter of the Overlord Manga.


As the two men enter the underground cellar, Climb identifies the hooded man as Succulent from Sebas' description and prepares to fight him. Cocco Doll wants to take Climb with them in order to kill him and send his head to Renner. However, Succulent disagrees because they can't afford the trouble if there are more pursuers. This is exacerbated by Climb shouting for help, making the two escaping paramount. Climb and Succulent fight, during which Climb notes one of Succulent's arms seems to be shimmering. He realizes that Succulent uses illusions to trick his opponents into leaving themselves open. Due to using illusion, Succulent managed to stab Climb in the abdomen from the back. However, Climb still gets up and fights before falling due to his injury. Before Succulent can finish off the boy Brain Unglaus arrives and stops him. After learning who was Brain, Succulent offers him to join Eight Fingers, but the offer is rejected. Succulent tell Brain that he will kill him, but Brain tells him he will not be able to do so as he wields his sword for his own benefit. This anger Succulent who declares that he will kill Climb too after he kills Brain who state he needs only one attack to defeat Succulent. Brain manages to defeat Succulent and Sebas arrives and stuns Cocco Doll which shocks Brain due to him using his field. Sebas returns to the mansion thinking that he bought himself enough time only to be shocked as Solution greets him in her battle maid uniform and informs him that their master Ainz is waiting for him.

Major Events

  • Climb fights against Succulent but loses.
  • Brain fights and defeats Succulent.
  • Cocco Doll and Succulent are captured.
  • Sebas is summoned by Ainz.

Character Appearance

In Order of Appearance

New Characters

  • No new characters were introduced during this chapter.

Abilities Used


  • Scintillating Scotoma
  • Multiple Vision
  • Fox Sleep
  • Ghost Sound

Martial Arts:

  • Sensor Boost
  • Ability Boost
  • Slash
  • Field
  • Limit Breaker-Mind

Known Locations

Chapter Notes

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace July 2018 Issue.


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