This is the thirtieth chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Climb is walking down the hallway of Valencia Palace, when he encounters Prince Zanac and Marquis Raeven. The prince tries to tell Climb about his misgivings about his sister, but Climb refuses to believe them, wholeheartedly seeing Renner as a great and benevolent person.

Climb goes to enter Renner's room, but stops after slightly opening the door to listen in on her conversation with Lakyus. After the two women debate over the Princess' agricultural plans, they invite Climb in.

Climb is anxious about being allowed to join, while Lakyus claims that he is too serious. He then notices a figure in the shadows but is informed that it is merely one of Lakyus' party members. They four then discuss their future plans about dealing with the criminal organization Eight Fingers. After they're done, Lakyus asks Climb to deliver a message to her other teammates.

Climb goes to an inn and meets up with Gagaran and Evileye. They discuss about the recent events in the Kingdom, such as the emergence of a new team of adventurers and their achievements, as well past events such as the Eight Greed Kings, the existence of 10th tier magic, and the Thirteen Heroes. The two then leave to prepare for their upcoming mission.

In a secret room, the leaders of Eight Fingers are having a meeting.

Major Events

  • Climb encounters Zanac and Raeven
  • Zanac attempts to warn Climb about his sister's darker personality, but is rebuffed.
  • Climb meets with members of Blue Rose.
  • Eight Fingers hold a meeting.

Character Appearance

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New Characters

Abilities Used

  • No abilities were used during this chapter.

Known Locations

Chapter Notes

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace November 2017 Issue.


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