This is the twenty-seventh chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Ainz asks Cocytus his reason for resurrecting some of the fallen lizardmen. Cocytus says that even though they were weak by their standards, there is potential for them to become stronger. He requests Ainz to use his resurrection spell on them under the pretext of testing the effects of the spell on New World inhabitants.

Ainz decides to do this on a few conditions, which Cocytus agrees to. He asks for a representative from the lizardmen, at which point Cocytus says he brought the white lizardwoman with him just in case, which pleases Ainz.

Crusch is brought in and she pledges the lizardmens' loyalty to Ainz. After a short conversation, Ainz proposes a trade just between themselves. He offers to resurrect Zaryusu Shasha in exchange for Crusch being a spy who will inform Nazarick of any potential rebels.

Zaryusu is floating in nothingness when a bright light blinds him. He opens his eyes to see Crusch crying on his chest and the other lizardmen prostrating to Ainz, who is accompanied by Aura. The lizardmen are ordered to leave while Ainz congratulates Zaryusu on his successful resurrection. Zaryusu is stunned at this realization and comes to see Ainz as a god to worship. The two leave the couple alone who decide to rest and recover from their individual ordeals.

In the Royal Capital, Gazef Stronoff is running in the rain when he sees a familiar person in an alley.

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  • This chapter first appeared in the Monthly Comp Ace July 2017 Issue.
  • Albedo and Shalltear got envious when Ainz touched Crusch's shoulder.


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