This is the twentieth chapter of the Overlord Manga.

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Iguva=41 enters the battlefield and kills the lizardmen head warriors. The elder lich later sees Rororo charging straight at him. He fires continuous fireballs to stop the hydra, to no avail. The last attack is blocked by Zaryusu, who was running behind Rororo alongside Crusch and Zenberu. Iguva=41 summons skeletal warriors to defend himself. Crusch summons a giant crab to help Zenberu fight the skeletons while Zaryusu fights Iguva=41. Crusch supports both lizardmen until she passes out and Zenberu, thanks to help from Crusch's summon, is able to defeat the skeletons. Iguva=41 fights Zaryusu until he decides to retreat after seeing his underlings fall. Zaryusu follows but is caught off-guard when the elder lich fires off a fireball forcing Zaryusu to take it or dodge and endanger his weakened allies. He uses Frost Pain to fire Icy Burst in front of himself to dispel the fireball. Iguva=41 believes that because Zaryusu attacked himself he would be weak and easy to finish off. He is mistaken due to Frost Pain giving Zaryusu immunity to ice attacks. Zaryusu uses all of his strength to destroy the undead. The lizardmen are victorious and Cocytus sees his army defeated. Cocytus praises them for their victory and is told by Entoma that Lord Ainz is calling for him.

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  • No new characters were introduced during this chapter.

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Spells/Skills: Edit

  • Fireball
  • Icy Burst
  • Lightning
  • Resistance Massive
  • Summon Undead Rank 4
  • Earth Bind
  • Scare
  • Lion's Heart
  • Silent Magic: Magic Arrow
  • Middle Wounds: Cure
  • Summon Beast: Tier 3

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  • This chapter first appeared in Monthly Comp Ace December 2016 Issue.

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