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This is a special chapter of the Overlord Manga.


In the Black Capsule, on the 2nd Floor of Nazarick, Kyouhukou is busy feeding his subjects to prevent them from eating each other, His task is disturbed by the presence of Entoma. The maid is happily munching on one of Kyouhukou's subjects, causing the Area Guardian to be indignant of the treatment of his child. Just before their argument can escalate Entoma is summoned by Ainz. As she leaves, Kyouhukou remarks she is a terrifying creature, an insect who devours her own kind.

In the Throne Room of Nazarick, she kneels before Albedo and Ainz Ooal Gown. She is asked if she is aware of Nazarick's plan to conquer the Great Lake where the lizardmen reside to which she confirms. She also states that leading that campaign is Cocytus. Albedo gives her a new order, which is to view Cocytus. Entoma is confused, but Ainz explains that due to Shalltear's rebellion there is a possibility that Cocytus could rebel as well. Thus her task would be to observe Cocytus's progress from a neutral standpoint. When asked for further questions, Entoma asks if the war she is to observe really worth documenting? She believes with Cocytus's power, he will surely win against the puny demi-humans. However, Ainz states that he predicts Cocytus will lose.

Later Entoma is reporting to Albedo that Cocytus has sent a messenger warning the lizardmen of their impending doom. The Overseer Guardians pleased with her progress orders her to continue updating the situation. Entoma notes everything is going according to Ainz's plan and swears to her master she will see the war to its end.

Major Events[]

  • Entoma is charged in observing the war between Cocytus and the lizardmen.

Character Appearance[]

In Order of Appearance[]

New Characters[]

Abilities Used[]

  • No abilities were used during this chapter.

Known Locations[]

Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appeared in the Monthly Comp Ace October 2016 Issue.
  • This chapter further explains Entoma's role in Volume 4 of the Light Novel in observing Cocytus's war with the Lizardmen.
  • Kyouhukou makes his visual appearance although in the Light Novel this does not occur much later during the worker invasion.


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