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This is the eighteenth chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Zenberu and Zaryusu start their duel. Zaryusu is puzzled at how unskilled Zenberu is at using his weapon. He strikes when he thinks he sees an opening. The two separate, but Zaryusu is the one who is injured. Zaryusu realizes that Zenberu is actually a monk who can make his claws as strong as steel and that his weapon was a trick.

The two continue fighting with Zenberu telling Zaryusu to use Frost Pain's power if he wants to win. Zaryusu refuses and goes completely on the defensive, blocking every strike with his weapon. Eventually, Zenberu figures out that every time he hits Frost Pain he takes ice damage and gets slower. He thinks to himself that Zaryusu is strong and soon enough forfeits. Crusch heals both of them afterwards.

Later that night, there is a party in the village. Zaryusu, Crusch, and Zenberu talk about the upcoming battle. Zenberu agrees to the alliance and says that they were going to fight anyway. Zaryusu and Crusch both say they don't want the other to die.

The next day, the three of them ride Rororo to Razor Tail's village. Zaryusu introduces Crusch to his brother. Zenberu introduces himself and says that since Shasuryu is strong they should fight. Shasuryu says that they should first listen to the scout that just arrived. The five chiefs and Zaryusu are all in a meeting. The report says that the enemy's number under 5000. While discussing their options, Zaryusu suggests making an elite team made up of the six of them. Zaryusu and the chiefs that came with him will be in charge of attacking the enemy commander when he is found while the other three chiefs will be stay as a garrison.

After the meeting Zaryusu finds Crusch and they talk about what their future will hold. They're specifically worried that everything they have done was according to the enemy's plan. Crusch reassures him that the five tribes are together now and that they can grow. Zaryusu agrees and asks for Crusch's answer to his mating call when the war ends. Four days later, the Lizardmen War begins.

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  • Iron Skin

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  • This chapter first appeared in the Monthly Comp Ace September 2016 Issue.


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