This is the fifteenth chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Ainz arrives at his room, thinking that it has been half a month since he last set foot here. As he enters, he is warmly greeted by Albedo who is all too happy to let Ainz choose whether he would satiate himself with either food, bath or the implication of the last choice being herself. Ainz is rattled by the turn of events that he backs away while demanding explanation for her actions. Albedo happily explains that she's merely emulating a situation where a newlywed wife would welcome her husband who has just returned home from work, stating that it's a norm. Though still frustrated by her actions, Ainz replies that it is a tempting situation. Then, Albedo gives out a loud scream and exclaim that she had totally forgotten the most important part of the entire ordeal, the naked apron attire. She immediately starts to strip to change into the apron but is stopped by Ainz who is more interested in discussing the matters at hand.

Ainz then proceeds to hand over the money earned through his adventuring at E-Rantel to Albedo. He states that the creation of monsters from the defense system requires the use of money back when they are still in YGGDRASIL and would like to know if the rule still holds true for this world, to which Albedo replies that his order will be carried out immediately. He later reminds her to also investigate whether item creation is also feasible while she checks the monster creation but stops short when mentioning Clementine. Knowing what is clouding Ainz's mind, Albedo affirms that Clementine's body has disappeared from where it was kept. While worrying that Clementine's resurrection would cause the information about Nazarick to leak out, Ainz tells Albedo to keep utmost attention towards the circumstances and bring Clementine's equipment to Pandora's Actor for appraisal.

After taking care of the trivial matters at hand, Ainz spread open a world map he obtained from E-Rantel on a table as Albedo watches. Noticing Albedo's inquiring gaze of the map, Ainz explains that the map lacks the many countries of the demihumans but it's still the best he can get right now. Albdeo instantly says that she would have copies of the map made and distributed to every Floor Guardians. Before she can do that, Ainz halted her to give her an quick explanation of the world from the information he has gathered.

Ainz points out that E-Rantel lies at the center of the map whereas The Great Tomb of Nazarick is situated a bit Northeast of the city. Next he speaks of Re-Estize Kingdom and Baharuth Empire which are both on the two ends of the map and separated by Azerlisia Mountains. From what information he had gathered from the Magic Guild's guildmaster, there exists a demihuman country called Agrand Council Alliance to the Northwest of Re-Estize Kingdom. It is noted that several of the council members seem to consist of dragons. Albedo notes that it is the place where Demiurge himself has gone to. The final country is introduced is Slane Theocracy to which Ainz voices his concern that it is a country that they should look out for. As Albedo asks whether the lines of the map are indications of the countries' borders, Ainz replies that it would seem to be so but advises Albedo to not trust the map too much.

Major Events

  • Ainz Ooal Gown discusses with Albedo about the surrounding countries.
  • Zaryusu Shasha discusses with Shasryu Shasha about the fishery farms.
  • An undead messager appears and declares that their undead army will appear and kill all the lizardmen in eight days' time.

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