This is the fifteenth chapter of the Overlord Manga.


Ainz arrives at his room, thinking that it has been half a month since he last set foot here. As he enters, he is warmly greeted by Albedo who is all too happy to let Ainz choose whether he would satiate himself either with food, bath or the implication of the last choice being herself. Ainz is rattled by the turn of events that he backs away while demanding explanation for her actions. Albedo happily explains that she's merely emulating a situation where a newlywed wife would welcome her husband who has just returned home from work, stating that it's a norm. Though still frustrated by her actions, Ainz replies that it is a tempting situation. Then, Albedo gives out a loud scream and exclaim that she had totally forgotten the most important part of the entire ordeal, the naked apron attire. She immediately starts to strip but is stopped by Ainz who is more interested in discussing the matters at hand.

Major Events

  • Ainz Ooal Gown discusses with Albedo about the surrounding countries.
  • Zaryusu Shasha discusses with Shasryu Shasha about the fishery farms.
  • An undead messager appears and declares that their undead army will appear and kill all the lizardmen in eight days' time.

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