This is a special chapter of the Overlord Manga.

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Albedo sighing is seen by Yuri and Lupusregina. Yuri declares to the assembled maids that they need to cheer Albedo. Yuri organizes and presents Albedo the Pleiades Homeshopping Network. The ones that are present among the Pleiades are Entoma, Shizu, and Lupusregina. Solution and Narberal are absent, with cardboard cutouts taking their places.

Yuri present Overlord Manga Volume 3. Catching Albedo's eye she marvels at it, especially with Ainz; image and wants to buy two copies.

Yuri asks her fellow sisters their opinion on the volume. Entoma says that the characters: Clementine and Khajiit, look tasty. CZ2I28 says that the volume contains a lot of cute animals: Hamsuke. Lupusregina says that it contains a lot of scenes where the reader can see hope and despair. Whilst the ladies are arguing, Yuri, satisfied her work has cheered Albedo up, declares the volume to be up for sale at the nearest bookstore.

Demiurge comes to visit Albedo, where he finds her amongst stacks of volumes. Stunned, he decides to come back later.

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  • Overlord Manga Volume 03 is announced to be on sale.

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  • No new characters were introduced during this chapter.

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  • Great Tomb of Nazarick

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  • This chapter first appeared in Monthly Comp Ace February 2016 Issue.

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