This is the eighth chapter of the Overlord Manga.

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Momon asks the guards to open the gate. They refuse on account of the army of undead on the other side. Momon jumps over the gate and begins fighting. Nabe uses Fly to go over the gate and Hamsuke follows suit. The guards talk about who that was and speculate that he was a hero.

Momon fights through the horde while above him, Nabe is carrying Hamsuke, who is drawing the undead nearby with her presence. To lessen the undead in his way, Momon summons two undead beings to break through the horde of the undead. He summons several other undead monsters to keep adventurers from interfering in his plan.

After leaving Hamsuke, Momon and Nabe come across Khajiit Dale Badantel and a few other men performing a ritual. Momon tells them that there should be one more among them with a piercing weapon on hand, and this makes Clementine reveal herself. Momon tells Clementine to follow him so that they can fight elsewhere while telling Nabe to handle Khajiit and his men herself.

Nabe uses magic to kill all her opponents, with the exception of Khajiit who was able to defend himself. Khajiit uses an object in his hand to turn his fallen allies into zombies. They are easily dealt with, but Khajiit then summons a Skeletal Dragon.

Momon fights Clementine, but finds himself at a disadvantage when she uses Martial Arts to deflect his attacks and get close.

Because of the Skeletal Dragon's resistance to magic, Nabe is forced to use her sword to fight. Despite this, she handles herself fine, which leads Khajiit to summon a second Skeletal Dragon.

Clementine tells Momon to stop holding back and he agrees. He then shouts to Narberal Gamma to display the true power of Nazarick.

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  • Fly
  • Medium Undead Creation Jack the Ripper
  • Medium Undead Creation Corpse Collector
  • Low Undead Creation Bone Vulture
  • Low Undead Creation Wraith
  • Twin Maximize Magic: Electrosphere
  • Create Undead
  • Impregnable Fortress
  • Flow Acceleration
  • Ray of Negative Energy

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  • This chapter first appeared in Monthly Comp Ace October 2015 Issue.
  • Hamsuke tries to help her master to prove her worth but got scared of the zombies.

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