Overlord II Blu-ray 02 Special is a compilation of various Overlord Material. It was released on May 25, 2018 in Box 2 of the Blu-ray & DVD Collection.

Main Summary

This special contains various materials involving the Overlord II series. Included are Character Drafts; So-bin Drawing Down Sankei Back Case; Character Designs; Tazaki Satoshi Drawing Down Digipack; Special Soundtrack CD; Special Leaflet; Full Volume Purchase Benefits; Fukayama Fugin, Jyunami Drawing Down Comic Ticket 2.

Full Summary

The main highlight of this Blu-ray special is collection of musical scores contained within the soundtrack CD. It is comprised of twenty-nine soundtracks composed by Shuji Katayama. Below is a list of tracks contained within:


01 百年の揺り返し 黒

02 百年の揺り返し 古譚

03 漆黒の英雄 vs 大悪魔

04 湿地の村の蜥蜴人

05 勝利か殲滅か

06 救いなき選択

07 苦痛の記憶

08 守りたい微笑み

09 愚言

10 動乱の序章

11 氷結の武人 Flute version

12 我ら蜥蜴人に敗北は無し

13 友との誓い

14 白髪の老紳士

15 奴隷の日々

16 暗躍する裏組織

17 この命は姫様の為に

18 噛み合わない会話

19 少女の幸せ、小さな恋

20 黄金の姫

21 がんばれ、ももんさま

22 腐敗する王都

23 無法者の館

24 戦え、正義のために

25 私のクライムを馬鹿にする者はみんな…

26 舞い上がる火の粉

27 手に入れるべきは勝利

28 死の軍勢

29 死の王 アインズ・ウール・ゴウン


  • This Blu-ray special unlike previous Blu-ray contains neither canon or even non-canon material from the Overlord series.


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