Overlord III Blu-ray 02 Special is a compilation of various Overlord Material. It was released on November 28, 2018 in Box 2 of the Blu-ray & DVD Collection.

Main Summary Edit

A compilation of Overlord material related to to Overlord III.

Full Summary Edit

This Blu-ray Box contains multiple media associated with Overlord. From artwork by So-bin, monster designs, episodes etc.

The main highlight of this Blu-ray special is collection of musical scores contained within the soundtrack CD.

It is comprised of twenty-three soundtracks composed by Shuji Katayama.

Below is a list of tracks contained within:

Tracklist Edit

01 ナザリックの一日

02 最高支配者の風格

03 平和なカルネ村

04 俺たちエンリ姐さん親衛隊

05 エンリ村長、頑張る

06 武器を構えろ!

07 好きな人ぐらい守らせてよ

08 鮮血帝ジルクニフ

09 帝国の狂信魔法詠唱者

10 歌う林檎亭

11 それぞれの将来

12 没落者の虚勢

13 眠れる大墳墓

14. 近接戦

15 死屍累々

16 蜘蛛に絡められる蝶

17 還らぬ人、遺される人

18 ゴブリン軍隊とエンリ将軍閣下

19 黒き豊穣への貢

20 7万の生贄

21 大虐殺

22 英雄の遺志

23 魔導王 アインズ・ウール・ゴウン

Trivia Edit

  • Contained within this Blu-ray Box is a ticket confirming the purchase. The ticket in conjunction with the ticket from Box 1 and Box 3's application allows one to acquire the spin-off novel The Vampire of a Ruined Country.


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