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"Confusion and Understanding" (混乱と把握 Konran To Haaku) is the eleventh episode of the Overlord Anime adaptation. It was first broadcasted on September 15, 2015.


In the Throne Room of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Ainz Ooal Gown is using scrying magic to view Shalltear Bloodfallen. He is irritated that he must resort to using a Divine Class item to resolve this matter. He receives a [Message] from Narberal Gamma reporting he has been summoned by the E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild who have become aware of Shalltear.

Back at E-Rantel, Ainz now donning his Momon disguise attends a meeting headed by the Guildmaster, Pluton Ainzach. At the meeting are three other mithril ranked adventurer teams: Rainbow, Sky Wolf and Kralgra that have been summoned to deal with the vampire.

Ainz wishing to minimize the damage caused by Shalltear's appearance concocts a story that he is familiar with the vampire, who he calls Honyopenyoko, and has been hunting it. In addition, he shows that he possesses a Sealing Crystal containing a eighth tier level spell which he intends to use. Momon insists that Darkness will fight against Honyopenyoko alone, arguing that involving others in the fight will simply increase the number of casualties. Nearly all in the room acquiesce to his terms save Igvarge of Kralgra, who demands his group accompany Momon in the fight against the vampire, which the latter accepts. En route to the destination where Shalltear is located, Ainz has Kralgra ambushed, Igvarge himself killed by Mare Bello Fiore.

Albedo and Ainz then walk towards Shalltear, to which Ainz reveals his magic ring, Shooting Star. He hopes that the wish-granting magic of the ring will undo the spell on Shalltear. To his surprise, the magic fails. Ainz panic-ally orders a retreat, teleporting himself and Albedo to a safer location. Albedo attempts to ask what is wrong, however, Ainz goes through a tantrum of rage. Just as his undead racial effect kicks in, he calms down. Once calmed he tells Albedo the magic of a Divine Item didn't have any effect on the mind control placed on Shalltear. There is only one power that could do so, World Items. Ainz didn't think any World Items were in the New World, he orders Albedo that they must hurry to the Treasury to retrieve the World Items stored there.

Albedo and Ainz are joined by Yuri Alpha in the Treasury. At the gate, Ainz opens it to the inner sanctum. They encounter a strange octopus humanoid, that Albedo recognizes as her creator Tabula Smaragdina. However, she quickly corrects herself, stating he is an impostor, causing Yuri to prepare for battle. Ainz orders them to stand down, as the impostor is really a Doppelgänger named Pandora's Actor, the Area Guardian of the Treasury. The Area Guardian dramatically introduces himself and offers his services to which he deduces that they have come for the World Items. Embarrassed by the Area Guardian's actions, Ainz pulls his creation aside and tries to impress him to act seriously without antics and gives him his Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown. After that, he orders Albedo to give her own ring to Yuri and follow him to the Mausoleum.

Inside the Mausoleum, Ainz shows Albedo the Avatara, golem statues made into the likeness of each of the Supreme Beings. Ainz created it as a memorial to his comrades and to safely store away their gear. He tells Albedo once day a statue of him will be here. Albedo takes it that Ainz means to leave them and begs him to stay with Nazarick forever. Ainz cannot promise her that and tells her that should he be gone leading Nazarick and the other Floor Guardians wll fall to her. He tells her his intent to face Shalltear alone, despite her protests, stating it is his responsibility and he does not wish for his children to kill one another. Albedo seeing his determination, demands that he promise her one thing, to come back.

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