Overlord Blu-ray 05 Special is a compilation of various Overlord Material. It was released on January 27, 2016, in Box 5 of the Blu-ray & DVD Collection

Main Summary

This special contains a small collection of rough drafts in regards to most characters of Nazarick. This includes the Floor Guardians, Sebas, Narberal Gamma, and Clementine. Additionally, it features a very short bonus manga concerning the interaction between Pandora's Actor and his creator, Ainz.

Full Summary

In the bonus manga, Ainz begins to wonder what to do against the unknown threat that brainwashed Shalltear. Realizing that Super-Tier Magic won't work with the said World Item, Ainz tries to figure out what his enemy's objective is and how to find countermeasures around it.

At the same time, Ainz felt that his job as the master of Nazarick is tiring and hopes to take a break. In the meanwhile, he confronts Pandora's Actor and questions him if whether or not the doppelganger could transform into him. Right away, Pandora's Actor took on his creator's form and before Ainz can fully say his question, the Doppelgänger assumes he wanted him to be his body double.

Furthermore, Pandora's Actor believed his practice and training in acting as his creator will finally pay off and now seems to rehearse his lines to Ainz. While so, Ainz came to soon regret asking for help from Pandora's Actor and thought it was a mistake on his part.


  • Supposedly, the event happening in bonus manga seems to occur right after Light Novel Volume 3.
  • This Special is unique as it contains no canon material that expands the current Overlord story.


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