Pleiades Daily (プレアデスを日々) is a bonus manga special that was released on September 25, 2015 in Box 1 of the Blu-ray & DVD Collection.


Yuri Alpha intriduces herself to the reader as the assistant leader of the Pleiades. Whilst she explains the general duties of the Pleiades, Entoma Vasilissa Zeta is seen in the background snacking on the decapitated head of a human. Yuri aware of her sister's disgusting habits continues her introduction stating that she will introduce the reader to Cocytus who is taking charge of the security of Nazarick. Upon seeing Entoma flat on her belly after eating her meal, causes Yuri to loom over menacingly for her laziness.

The two maids for Cocytus deep in training. Cocytus who was created as warrior craves to fight an actual opponent. He accidentally blurts this out causing Yuri to shout in concern. Cocytus now realizing he is not alone states it was nothing, but still is unsatisfied of not fully performing 100% to Nazarick.

Yuri has an idea and asks Entoma to come over. During Cocytus's break time. he is approached by Entoma, now in her arachnid combat form declaring a challenge. Cocytus accepts stating he won't goes easy on her. Yuri smiles annd declares to the reader whether it be teatime or assassination, the Pleiades live to serve.

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  • There were no abilities used in this chapter.

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  • This is the only Manga Special that is unnamed.
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