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Supreme Apology Meeting (至高の謝罪会見) is the sixty-fifth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series


At the Round Table Room, Ainz Ooal Gown members Momonga, Peroroncino and Ulbert Alain Odle gather, waiting for Herohero to arrive. However the time for their gathering has already begun as noted by Momonga. Peroroncino believes that their comrade is late due to being held up at work.

Tabula Smaragdina entering announces that he finished a new room and is now testing out the gimmicks and offers the group a chance to see it since they appear to be free. The group decide to go and check out the room while they wait for Herohero.

Bukubukuchagama enters the room first and asks what the room is suppose to be and is left stunned when Tabula answers that it is a Shazai Kaiken, questioning why Tabula built such a thing.

To demonstrate, Tabula stands at the podium with various microphones and then bows and apologizes causing several flashes of camera light flash on him. Momonga observes that this is an scene that one sees at news media. Tabula explains that the function is activated by voice recognitions.

Not only that the function also activates when someone says "That's Right". After testing it Tabula believes that he still need to improve the sound collection range. Ulbert asks why Tabula built something like this. Tabula explains that he is using the Shazai Kaiken as a base in his plan to enhance the password feature of back door in the Treasury by including voice recognition.

Tabula then decides that its enough testing, though offers the group an apology for a previous incident when he introduced a new Non-Playable Character, Nigredo at the Frozen Prison as he was aware his comrades were frightened by her macabre appearance and behavior. Their reactions of his creation pleased, Tabula as he wasn't trying to go for a jump scare but slow scary as in Japanese horror when making Nigredo.

This leaves the guild members angst as Tabula is more concerned on the method of how he scared them not the fact that he did. The insensitivity ticks off Peroroncino who asks if there are any other elements that he should reflect on. Tabula considers about the overall design of one room which he made in the Frozen Prison and then offers an apology on it. The one with three pictures of the same kind which Touch Me recalls to have the images of a decapitated head. Turns out according to the Brain Eater, there is an urban legend in that when you put three pictures of the same kind in the same room, and see them a person is suppose to die. His apology is only met by annoyance by the others of why he would put such a thing there in the first place and then tell them later.

Momonga decides that the new room is a perfect opportunity for everyone to express their sincere apologies. He decides to go up on the podium first, though the rest of his friends think that isn't anything that the guildmaster should apologize for. Momonga though admits he is sorry for having very little naming sense. And while there is some agreement, Ulbert believes otherwise and asks what Momonga named his first NPC? He is of course talking about the doppelgänger Momonga made, which was initially named Surprise Box. Upon hearing it, Ulbert admits that it could use work and then suggests instead using Pandora's Box as a reference, since the name Surprise Box is for an NPC is more likely to to cause intruders to be on their guard.

Yamaiko admits that their comrade's choice in names is weird, such as Momonga, which in Japanese means flying squirrel, as it totally clashes with his undead avatar. Peroroncino brings up the idea about changing the name of their dungeon to Surprise Graveyard, but is adamantly rejected by Momonga. Luci★Fer is next to go up on the apology stand. Before his peers he is egged on to confess his sins which the angel then simply states he apologizes to Touch Me, causing the paladin to as for which instance. However it turns out Luci★Fer is just saying sorry for Touch Me for having a name of Masayoshi, thinking his "Justice Is Here" effect is a way to display his real-life name. Touch Me is indignant as he would never give out his real name in such a way.

Yamaiko is up next and gives an emotional apology for not being able to do normal recovery magic on Momonga. Momonga points out that recovery magic isn't suppose to work on him as he is undead. Still Yamaiko wants to let it out for herself. When Peroroncino teases the nephilim for having such a muscle brain, Bukubukuchagama forces the birdman up on the stand to apologize. The slime makes an apology to Variable Talisman as she admits she can't look him straight in the face most of the time due to his avatar's appearance, while cool at a distance, up close with all the centipede legs Variable Talisman just looks creepy. Peroroncino wonders if that is why Variable Talisman has the kanji character "守" (Mamoru) on his chest. This earns him a tease from insect player, saying its one of his appealing traits that attracts girls and apparently boys in the case with Peroroncino who is embarrassed at the suggestion. Seeing that everyone is so ignorant what his race actually looks like, Variable Talisman offers his own apology by taking off his armor and showing himself. The gruesome sight though is blocked in time by Touch Me.

Touch Me has a turn to apology, and for him its talking about transforming, propagating his favorite hero shows and acting like an otaku. Peroroncino and Momonga acknowledges that tends to be the case with Touch Me as he somehow manages to involve his hero stories in totally unrelated topics. Momonga even recalls, the paladin speaking about a crawfish-shaped hero or enemy in one conversation. Yamaiko nearly causes Touch Me to inundate them with a history of hero theme genre, but thankfully stop him before he can proceed. Amanomahitotsu muses that Touch Me's talk on hero's isn't that bad as it helped inspire the formation of their former clan, Nine's Own Goal. Touch Me confesses that he talks about these things due to having no one else to share it with, which Peroroncino can relate with as he wants to have a fellow guildmate who shares his passion for sensual monsters like succubui and cat girls. This declaration makes Bukubukuchagama to go to the stand and apologize for her 'stupid' brother.

Shizyuutensuzaku goes up on the stand and announces that he is sorry for liking PKing. Though this confuses members of the guild like Momonga and Ulbert since PKing is there guild's specialty. Though the nue confesses that he is so stressed out on his real-life job as a professor that he uses PKing to vent his frustrations, imagining the players he kills to be students who give him headaches, which he finds distasteful. While the guild are a bit disturb, they find Shizyuutensuzaku's reason understandable due his position in real-life.

Peroroncino stands in for Whitebrim, who is absent claiming that he needs to apologize as the player made too many maids. Ulbert doesn't really agree that it's an issue, given there are only 41, but Momonga believes Peroroncino complaint is warranted however useless. Momonga shares a quote from Whitebrim, who claimed that on Earth, 60% contain insects which can be inferred by him that God loves insects. Using this reasoning, Whitebrim justified himself being able to create as many maids as he wants because that what he likes and will never apologize.

Momonga then gets an alert on his screen, indicating Herohero has finally finished work and is in the dungeon. The aforementioned player arrives at the Round Table Room, muttering his apologies for being late to Momonga who speaks to him via [Message]. Ironically the reason for his lateness was that Herohero was at an apology press conference, and finds himself once more at a podium, though this time with a more positive atmosphere from his friends.

Later its stated that the Shazai Kaiken having served its purpose was then removed by Tabula.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in Monthly Comp Ace January 2023 Issue.


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