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Succubus Advice (サキュバスアドバイス) is the fifty-second chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Mare Bello Fiore through his magic necklace tells his sister, Aura Bella Fiora that Albedo came with Hamsuke to the 6th Floor. Aura finds it odd for those two to be in each other's company. Hamsuke greets Aura though asks her for help as she put too much hand cream on and needs her to take some off. The dark elf points that she doesn't need hand cream as she wears gloves. The master panics at her blunder calling for Albedo to tell her what to do. Albedo tells Hamsuke that her problem is that she is weak at ad lib. Aura confused asks what is going on to Albedo.

Hamsuke explains that she is practicing doing hand-kneading with Albedo as body touching is effective with males. One flaw in that as Aura points out that Hamsuke has yet to find a male for herself. Albedo declares that its preparation for Hamsuke so that when she meets her match among others of her species, adding that if one wants to know the best technique to attract males, the best person to ask is a succubus. Again Aura wonders on Albedo's qualifications as she doesn't have much real experience. Albedo fumes at that comment retorting that she could get all the men under her finger in E-Rantel if she was serious.

Albedo explains how the hand cream technique is a good excuse to hold someone's hand naturally though Aura proved that it failed as she did not want to touch hands. Ignoring the elf, the demon elaborates that when people hold hands they become one. Hands are part of the body where nerves are concentrated so people will be surprised by the touch. If that's true Aura would think that Hamsuke is presenting her front leg not hand. What would you do when a four-legged creature applies hand cream?

Seeing that this is a good question, Hamsuke asks Albedo who reluctantly agrees that the hamster is using her forefoot, so she can't use her 'hands' to touch with the excuse of looking at her palms. But the Overseer Guardian thinks that she should still be able to use her hands to compare each other's front legs and show off her glamor and make the other party think "I want to protect you". According to Aura there are some animals that have the males to be bigger than the females, what if Hamsuke's race is the same? Albedo has an answer to this, in that case Hamsuke should use her size and make the male think want to protect her. While Albedo seems to be convinced and the idea isn't all there Aura thinks it's alright. But another thing the elf points out...Albedo's knowledge on makes only works with human races so it may not be applicable to Hamsuke.

Peeved that her advice has some holes, Albedo acknowledges that some strategy like the naked apron won't work for Hamsuke. However Hamsuke has intelligence and emotions comparable to humans so the psychology of her advise can work for the hamster. She compares it to the swaying of a suspension bridge and that it could be compared to the pounding of love. Aura tells her that's a stupid analogy. Albedo goes with another example like the feeling of exhilaration when someone grabs another's hand and stabs a knife in-between their fingers as akin to love. But that's an even worse example from Aura and Hamsuke's perspective.

At this point Aura knows that Albedo doesn't have a clue on relationship advice, though Albedo insists its not her fault attributing it to the difficulty of Ainz Ooal Gown. First even if Albedo heard this all from the same gender as her that "this is the way the opposite sex will be thrilled", the credibility is weak. Albedo then decides to get a second opinion from the male gender, and brings Mare who was nearby, but Aura doesn't think he qualifies. Even so, Hamsuke asks Mare what kind of gesture might surprise men. He is not sure but suggests scrubbing their back as it worked when he was at the baths with Ainz. Albedo immediately votes to practice that technique. As she and Hamsuke go over some scenarios, Aura goes back to a more serious conversation, asking her brother that they were discuss about how girls were viewed by guys. Since there is no one in her generation to talk about this Aura wants to go over it with Mare who thinks that a girl raising her hand abruptly would cause him, a boy, to be shaken if that helps. However he only experiences that feeling when Aura hits him. It's apparent that Mare is also ignorant on this sort of thing, so Albedo decides to change her approach but still thinks Mare's input could be valuable. Plus Albedo feels that regardless of age or gender there is a fundamental desire to seek love. And she announces that they will think about the ultimate situation that will make a man crazy.

Sous-chef arrives in the Amphitheater having been taken away from his time harvesting in the fields after being called by Albedo. He waits to see why he has been summoned, when two explosions take place just a few feet away. Thinking it is dangerous, the myconid tries to make a run. Hamsuke calls to him to ride on her back to escape death. Hamsuke carries the cook to safety, letting off her once they clear the arena. Sous-chef notices that there is a light coming from Hamsuke's neck, its a necklace. The hamster claims that it is a Fate Stone inherited by her kind and its glowing due to its reaction to Sous-chef. Before the cook can point out that Hamsuke has yet to meet others of her kind, the hamster drags Sous-chef to their next destination which is a sword in a pedestal. She asks the cook to pull it out which he does/ Hamsuke shockingly cries and claims that the sword could only be pulled free by a legendary hero who has the blood of her clan. Bending down she dramatically goes on to say that she has been waiting for a long time for of a line of heroes to reclaim the sword.

Soon Fenn appears which Hamsuke is his loyal pet who the starts nuzzling the confused myconid still trying to figure out why Hamsuke and the Floor Guardians are playing with such a farce. The two go off on their next mission, as Hamsuke describes that since the legendary hero pulled up the sealed sword then the barrier of the Demon Castle will be weaken so she brings him to her base. The situation is getting more surreal as Sous-chef notices that the base was built by magic and suspects Mare's handiwork. Hamsuke shows him a book that describes a prophecy of his coming and in one motion pushes all the items on a table to make room for the book. But the content is insignificant as it's the same as to what Hamsuke said to him earlier.

Hamsuke then shows Sous-chef their next important place they will visit and brings out a map containing various lines and notes of the Demon King's forces around the world they must seal. Among them are Pandora's Actor and Eclair Ecleir Eicler, the latter having been crossed out signifying he is an executive. Hamsuke carries Sous-chef to the closest target but is stopped by [Albedo dressed in a flamboyant costume acting as the Demon King's executive to stop the hero in front of the base. Hamsuke tells Sous-chef that she will deal with Albedo. Unsure what is happening, the cook decides to play along. The hamster proceeds to tentatively take off a scarf she was wearing as if in a dramatic pose, which the cook suspects was worn for this sole purpose. Whilst the two engage in combat, yanked from behind by Fenn to carry on his reluctant adventure. Last he hears from Hamsuke confessing before getting into an epic explosion with Albedo.

The entire scenario was concocted by Albedo who ends the storyline that once the explosion subsided all that was left was the clothes of the Demon King's executive and a necklace belonging to Hamsuke. The Floor Guardians hail it to be the perfect emotional gripping situation. With Albedo even praising Hamsuke on her acting skills which the Wise King of the Forest hopes to use when she meets males of her kind. Finally Albedo asks what Sous-chef thought of their little exercise? The events were interesting to the myconid but when he learns that it was to create a situation to drive a man crazy, he wonders on the group's sanity. Hamsuke asks why men would like this sort of theme, which he answers that they do not.

At the end, Sous-chef is at the bar with Eclair, being served by Neuronist Painkill. His experience with the women on the 6th Floor appears to have strengthen his negative opinion of the other gender as he slams his drink on the bar and drunkenly asks to the others what do women think of men?

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace November 2021 Issue.


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