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Don’t Have Clothes To Buy Clothes (服を買いに行く服が無い) is the second part of the fifty-first chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Sebas Tian and Tuare come by Solution Epsilon's room as the butler wants to know if Solution still has the dress that she used to disguise herself as a noble. Solution realizes that the butler intends to give the dress to Tuare, but she recalled that Ainz Ooal Gown had given Sebas Tian permission to go shop for some new clothes for the human. That is what Sebas Tian intends to do, but asks to borrow the some clothes from the Pleiades maid as his charge "doesn't have clothes to buy clothes."

Solution has a sit down discussion with the two in her room explaining what Tuare needs to go out shopping is plain clothes not a fancy dress. She understands that Sebas Tian wants to avoid having the the human go out in her working clothes. Seeing her point Sebas Tian concurs stating that plain clothes will suffice. Amused Solution states as a member of Nazarick she can't just let let him look shabby and promises to assist him so that the butler can get some high quality tailored clothes which the butler appreciates.

However Solution adds a criteria of acting plan for the two. When Solution asks Tuare if she can effectively play the part of a proud and selfish young woman a question is asked if that is really necessary. The maid reminds Sebas Tian that he should know better than this. In order to blend in with the outside world without a doubt, one should be able to pass through a natural setting with consistent performance. Solution starts with Tuare and has her practice with her in acting, by pretending that Tuare is the noble and Solution is a maid she needs to fire. But it obvious that the act is difficult. So Sebas Tian suggests that they go with Tuare playing the role of an introverted noble which is doable.

As practice Solution acts as a shop owner welcoming Tuare, who is silent on what to do but is gently encouraged by the butler to play the part. Sebas Tian acting as the manservant tells Solution the shopkeeper that he is here to make a new dress for his lady and asks if he can view some old and plain clothes. Sebas tells Tuare in the future to allow him to handle speaking to the clerk as Solution brings two dresses for the pair to examine. Tuare states that she does not know and asks which Sebas Tian likes better. However since she used the honorifics "-sama", Solution declares it to be a failure much to Tuare's despair as she is suppose to be his superior not him in the act.

After some consideration Solution admits that the two would best go as a butler and a maid since they will be seen as common people. Sebas Tian has an idea to use the cover story of a maid being sent to town who supposedly has the same build as her sick mistress and goes to a shop to get a dress tailored in her stead. The scenario seems promising but when both Sebas Tian and Tuare play out the scenario, the bare bones performance causes Solution to grade it as poor. She asks the two if acting is truly difficult? The two nervously apologize for their poor skills. Since they are not improving Sebas Tian believes that Solution may have to come with them when they go outside. Solution could play the role as the whimsical lady who buys clothes her her maid while Sebas Tian plays the role of the weary butler with a troubling charge.

Solution has other ideas and declines shooing the maid and butler out of her room, urging that just the two of them go out and shop. Before Solution shuts the door, she recommends that Sebas Tin change his clothes from his usual butler attire to a well-dressed gentleman. Sebas Tian agrees with her as a butler may stand out in the city. However that is not what Solution is referring to. She states that he and Tuare are going a date and points out that butlers and a noble can't flirt with each other. Sebas Tian is flustered by this statement as Solution shuts her door.

At the end, Sebas Tian and Tuare are seen walking on the cobblestone road, with the young woman slipping her arm around him and keeping close to him. Though Sebas Tian reasons this is only a measure so that Tuare does not get lost, the girl is happily holding his arm firmly so she can't let go.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace October 2021 Issue.
  • Based on the chronology, the events of the chapter take place after Overlord Volume 07 when Sebas Tian requested as his reward to go out to the human world with Tuare to buy clothes with her.


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