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Supreme Lady (至高のお嬢様) is the first part of the fifty-first chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


In the evening at the Great Tomb of Nazarick, four members of Ainz Ooal Gown: Bukubukuchagama, Ulbert Alain Odle, Peroroncino, and Momonga meet in the Round Table Room. Bukubukuchagama asks what the plan is for tonight and Ulbert suggests they go on a hunt for a monster that has a rare drop. The slime is surprised to see her brother Peroroncino present and jokes that he had nothing for him in the real world. Seeing the fuming birdman, Momonga asks if today is something special. Peroroncino weakly states that it's his birthday leaving both Ulbert and Momonga dumbstruck.

Ulbert offers Peroroncino a slice of cake from his Item Box, though he admits he does not know where he got it from. Though Peroroncino asks if it's safe to eat past the expiration date. He eats the slice anyway and gets a small buff. Since today is a very important day, Momonga suggests they listen to what Peroroncino wants to do. Peroroncino is surprised and excited by this to his friends confusion. After calming down the birdman knows what he wants to do "go dungeon capturing with a young lady." Ulbert and Momonga give their comrade blank stares and the latter asks Peroroncino to clarify. He responds somewhat innocently on what does he mean? Ulbert though gets it and he and the birdman get into a discussion leaving Momonga clueless. Bukubukuchagama wishes the boys luck as she will be busy decorating the dungeon for her brother's birthday party. When asked by Momonga how come she is not coming, the slimes responds that she doesn't want to get involved in the nitwit's scheme and tells the undead player with desperation to go in her place. Ulbert then asks Momonga if he is ready to be a lady, making Momonga ask if he is messing with him, and Ulbert goes on to speak in a feminine lady-like voice to illustrate his point. Since there is only three of them, Momonga asks if it is alright. Touch Me soon arrives in the room, and Peroroncino announces that they have their fourth lady.

Later three of the male guild members are waiting in a cave near a low level dungeon that is for beginners. Peroroncino is speaking to them via [Message] promising to meet them at the site as he is making preparations. This in mind the three think that it will be easy as their equipment and levels are overwhelming, even joking that they won't even need a healer. When Peroroncino arrives at the cave and present each of his companions a Maiden Set. The four wear the dresses and complain about them being restrictive and having low stats. The players dive into the dungeon and while they are handicapped the still manage to proceed.

The players finally reach the boss stage of the dungeon. They plan for a swift attack though it seems [Fly] and other magical movements are prohibited. Plus the boss is in a pool surrounded by giant lotus pads and that the players must use to cross the area. Additionally the boss can attack them by spraying jets of water. If they fall into the pool, they will be be returned to the starting point. It won't be a problem for Peroroncino as he can fly naturally much to his teammates annoyance.

The team is in a bind as their limitations make it difficult. Ulbert seeing that long range magic is usable opts to get closer and charges ahead. But he towards a lotus pad but it submerges making him fall into the water. Seconds later he reappears back with his companions and ask what happened to his embarrassment. Touch Me sees that they have to be very careful when jumping on the lotus pads. His words of caution fail him as he is blasted by a burst from one of the lotus tentacles. The plants though far in the pool can even reach the shore where the players are. The four then plan their attack. However when Peroroncino mentions that he is happy to be present just to see the female boss, his comrades call him a yakitori for his perversion. Momonga asks why can't the birdman snipe the boss from their position and Ulbert adds that he needs to take out his bow. Peroroncino though slyly states that he forgot infuriating Ulbert. Though the real reason is that it may be useless as long range magic attacks are forbidden. They aim to cross the lotus pads by only jumping on the ones that are not shaking, avoid the water jets, and quickly jump to the next pad before it sinks. Ulbert and Touch Me also learn that if two people land on the same pad the entire thing sinks.

The two get into an argument of getting in each others way. Touch Me argues that as Ulbert is now, his attacks will be useless against he boss so he should be taking point. As the two argue Momonga has already reached the boss and killed it by summoning a Death Knight. Momonga then turns to the two quarreling guild members and while he does not wish to interfere he asks them to stay in character as maidens. Using his authority as guildmaster he warns them if they have another fight in the next month, he will punish the two to speak like ladies for a week.

When the male players return Bukubukuchagama notices that Ulbert and Touch Me are not bickering as usual.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace October 2021 Issue.


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