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Nazalympic Game Selection (ナザリンピック競技選定) is the fiftieth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Albedo provides a report on the various countries in the world to Ainz Ooal Gown in his office. The Overseer Guardian asks her liege if he is worried about something. Ainz though is not worried per say, but he is interested in the City-State Alliance, learning that it hosts a tournament every five years which sound sort of like the Olympics. Albedo is delighted at the thought thinking that it would be a good place to strike next.

Albedo then goes on to discuss the City-State Alliance political structure, that it is actually a union of twelve city-states and that the tournament is held as an outlet for past grudges between them. of the sixteen events in the tournament, the main event is the Connelier where each city selects and sends ten of their strongest to fight. Realizing that the City-State Allaince event is more intense competition, Ainz corrects himself for comparing it to the world-class event like the Olympics as it is far too relaxed.

Albedo hearing the word Olympics asks what is it, which Ainz answers that its origin stems from the site of the first venue Olympia. Albedo following the example, if Nazarick ever hosted such an event then it would be called the Nazalympics which causes Ainz to enjoy the pun. He also thinks that organizing the Nazalympics for real wouldn't be so bad to Albedo.

Ainz muses to himself that he ended up conquering the word due to his apraxia thus forcing him to go along with the campaign half-heartedly. Still having a celebration of peace would be convenient to reduce the tension.

The undead explains that once every four years Nazarick should gather representative players from each country and land under their control and let them compete. Albedo listening sees that this is a great way to let everyone know the power of Nazarick on a regular basis. She even recommends that they execute the poorest performing representatives as an example. But Ainz rejects the idea as the games are suppose to be a festival of peace and that in the Olympics the winners are honored and the losers are not punished.

If one in the games with 3rd place in each competition then they will be awarded a gold, silver and bronze medal though adamantite maybe substituted. Albedo asks what would the main event be? To which Ainz thinks that a competition that can be enjoyed by any race and age would be suitable. The Floor Guardian notes that such a competition might be difficult as there are races with eight limbs, composed of masses of flesh and those that can only swim. Ainz is not dissuaded as in a very rare case the game will have to adjust a little.

The Overlord mentions that it would be nice if the competition had few injuries so that the content of the event could be shown as safe and enjoyable. Albedo asks her master to allow her some time to prepare a competition for the centerpiece of the Nazalympics. Ainz predicts that Albedo will probably research existing competitions in the library and wonders what she will pick.

Later Albedo appears before Ainz's desk again declaring that she selected the competitions for the main event of the Nazalympics. The first game she proposes is yakyūken to his surprise. He asks where did she read about that activity, only for Albedo to go into details that it to be a simple game rock–paper–scissors where the each game lost the player must strip one article of clothing and that whoever gets naked first is determined the loser. Ainz admits that there are some flaws, as some races with body structures may not be able to reproduce the shape of a rock or "Jankenpon", it would still be possible for them to pose shapes like scissor and paper. Nevertheless Albedo thinks it meets all the 'right' qualifications for Ainz's wishes. Still Ainz points out that some races may have taboos on public nudity. The Overseer Guardian doesn't see a problem stating that she looked into authentic books on the sporting event and found that the ancient Olympic players were all naked and what she is doing is merely returning it back to its roots.

However if her master wishes, they could add a rule to consider races that have an issue with nudity to wear underclothes that they will never take off for the competition. It seems obvious that Albedo is intent on making yakyūken a sport of the Nazalympics as she makes a case unlike with most competitions this one will not be based on strength but luck thus allowing all races to participate. However Ainz gives a counterargument, as since there is no need for training and only luck is involved there really is no competition. Albedo doesn't see the problem as a contestant would feel happy if they were lucky and won, but once again Ainz tells her that the game solely on luck lacks excitement.

Now understanding, Albedo realizes Ainz wants a sport that anyone can join that requires a level of training. She then goes to prepare a new proposal. Coming back to Ainz's office, this time with Demiurge she and her peer present their master with a new feature competition for the Nazalympics an original sport called "Nazarick" devised by Demiurge.

The trio are next seen running in the corridor. Albedo explains that the rules for this game have been established and the first match is happening on the 6th Floor as result of Demiurge's quick work. On the 6th Floor in the Amphitheater, two teams are squaring off against each other. As proof that it is a multi-racial competition they have a mixed team of team play against another. Each each is composed of one Homunculus Maids, one Imp, and one Eight-Edge Assassin. The maids participating are Increment and Cixous.

Once they get to the Amphitheater, Demiurge acting as the referee and commentator starts the first match between Team A and Team B. Albedo directs Ainz's attention to a bunch of pins on the ground in a triangular format, numbered 1 to 10, which she dubs as the Hierarchy Bar as it reflects the floors of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. The Overseer tells Ainz that the pieces are based on a game called Mölkky that she learned in the library and that it originated from a land called Finland. Though the original game ha twelve pins rather than ten. Not sure if Mölkky was ever an official Olympic event, Ainz takes her word for it as they watch the game from the bleachers. The game is played by throwing a femur at the formation of pins and knocking them down, though Ainz hopes that next time human bones won't be used. The original game had used a ordinary pin, but to make it more in line with the Nazarick theme a bone was substituted.

Team A wins 10 points thanks to Increment's femur throw. Watching Ainz asks how the points are tallied which Albed answers that if multiple pins falls, it will be the exact number of the pins that fell. If one is knocked over it will be the number that the pin has. The team who gets 41 points, representing the Forty-One Supreme Beings, first is declared the winner as opposed to 50 points in the original rules.

The rules are deemed to be simple enough that children can understand them. In addition while the New World possess a different language than Nazarick, they use the same numerical system making it easy to communicate. That brief tidbit of information makes Ainz pause in thought as it is curious to that the Arabic numerals are the same used in this world. It makes him wonder if the numbers means that the humans who came up with them are the same race. He does not go much further as he deems such thoughts to be beyond his qualifications.

Back to the game the pins are put back in the same positions before they were knocked down. The next to throw is Cixous for Team B. Albedo notes that the maid would need to knock the 10 pin in order to catch up to Team A. As Ainz continues to watch he cannot help but find the desire to join in the game. Cixous throw her femur, but it misses and does not hit any pins. Albedo and Ainz watch as the rest of Team B console Cixous on her error, and Albedo tells Ainz that this is a diagram of the harmony of different races which the game will no doubt bring.

Ainz agrees as the ultimate aim is to come together as one for unity and become stronger. Using sports and entertainment its will surely lead to coexistence. The imp from Team A is announced by Demiurge to have hit a 7 point pin. Team B follows behind and knock a 9 point pin, but are still behind due to their getting zero points on their first throw. However Demiurge calls foul as the other imp threw beyond the specified line while in the air thus making the points invalid. Ainz states that it was a shame as the demon was not at fault for he crossed the line without noticing while he was flying. To prevent such accidents, Albedo recommends installing a mechanism that sends a current in the air when the boundary is crossed. But she is reminded by Ainz that he wants a safe competition.

Team A is next again, but gains no points because of a misthrow by the Eight-Edge Assassin giving Team B the opportunity to close the gap in points. According to the rules from Albedo, if a three doesn't score three times in a row they will be disqualified. Ainz sees a problem that the Eight-Edge Assassins' lack any appendages to allow them the ability to grip the pin. Unknown to the two watching the Eight-Edge Assassin is enjoying his role in the game, as while its main duty is to protect Ainz, it its relieved that it doesn't have to be called on to restrain Albedo. Team B knocks four pins down earning them four points, while Team A steadily widens the gaps and accumulates points. So far the score comes to Team A at 37 points while Team B is at 22 points. While it is apparent Team B will lose, Ainz finds he is glad to see them having fun. Only four points is needed for Team A to claim victory, however it won't be easy as each round has the pins becoming more spread out and more difficult to hit. Ainz asks if it is alright to exceed the target points needed for 41 points. Albedo states that if the target score is not exactly the same the team cannot win. If they exceed the number of points then they will be deducted to 20 points and the game will continue. Which means that the game will continue until there is a winner, and Albedo states that the game requires a level of accuracy and mathematical skill.

An Eight-Edge Assassin from Team A throw the femur and ends up knocking five pins giving the team five points and a total amount of 42 points, exceeding their target amount by one point. Team A's score is reverted to 20 points and the game proceeds. This gives Team B as the lead team. In the end the game results in Team B's win. The rebound was nothing short but remarkable by the viewers and is attributed to Team B's teamwork. The game convinces Ainz that there is merit in the game being used to promote deepening bonds between races. However one issue he is uncomfortable with is the use of a human bone in the proceedings. This leads to Demiurge and Albedo profusely apologizing for the oversight and and correct the error.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace September 2021 Issue.


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