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Becoming A Heteromorph (異形種になるう) is the forty-eighth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Albedo and Pulcinella examine Shalltear Bloodfallen's open to study how a vampire's saliva can prevent blood from coagulating. Wanting to get a sample, Albedo recommends Shalltear to drink something sour so she can produce enough saliva to collect, though Shalltear dislikes drinking that type of stuff. So Albedo comments about becoming Ainz Ooal Gown's queen which causes the vampire to drool enough for a sample. While Pulcinella takes the sample away, Shalltear asks why is everyone so interested in how her body works. Albedo explains that she represents a special case for undead, she unlike most, Shalltear can eat, drink and express emotions which Ainz wishes to research. There are also others beside Albedo who want to study Shalltear. Hearing this Shalltear recalls that lately Mare Bello Fiore has been interested in learning more about vampires. This makes Albedo panic who thinks Mare is doing his own research to gain the title as the queen. But Shalltear states that it was just Mare being curious the other day as he was reading a book about vampires. He had asked her if she has a reflection. The Floor Guardian demonstrates, proving that she has a reflection in a mirror, but it interests her as to why vampires in literature don't and how could they groom themselves. Albedo suggests that maybe a summon like a Vampire Bride helps, but Shalltear points out that it could be a problem if the summon doesn't have an aesthetic taste.

Albedo draws back on why Mare wanted to know more about vampires and that it wasn't random curiosity but intent. When Shalltear considers Albedo's reasoning, she thinks maybe Mare is interested in her and maybe he wants to be her concubine. But Albedo believes it's not that kind of interest. The vampire realizes that Mare is an elf which still has a lifespan, so he can become an undead should he die. Remembering that Ainz wishes to rule for a millennia, and that Mare and Aura are still mortal despite the longevity leads the vampire and succubus to believe that the elves are trying to become vampires.

Shalltear thinking back remembers Mare asking questions like if it would be an instant kill if she had a stake in the heart. Shalltear answered that it would depend on the extent of damage. To Albedo though it's too bad. Other questions Mare asked were if she needed to survive by only drinking blood. Though the vampire admits that blood is a delicacy to her, it is not necessary to her survival. Also when there is sunlight whether it be produced naturally or artificially, she won't turn to ashes but her it will penalized her abilities and cause them to decline. Myths like being unable to cross water and enter a room unless invited are untrue.

Albedo asks what was Mare's reaction to all these answers. All Mare said in reaction to all this input was "cool". ALbedo wonders maybe the twins are still deciding whether or not to become vampires or at least choosing which variant to turn into. Shalltear admits that its a hard decision as once you change races you can't change back. Since the twins still have time, Albedo thinks it's okay for them to wait, but Shalltear disagrees as Mare could get a growth spurt and has a horrible image of a macho version of the dark elf. Albedo is aghast on what her friend is thinking.

Still back on the topic of changing into a heteromorph, if one decides to become one, the person's appearance will be fixed, so Albedo supposes that it is better that that change races when they are younger to still look youthful. But of the twins, like Aura Bella Fiora, might want to grow up a bit so that they can increase their combat power. In response Shalltear states that having a smaller and lighter form has its advantages. This all of course doesn't matter as Bukubukuchagama made Aura perfect as she is. The Overseer Guardian sees through Shalltear's dismissal of the idea of the twins maturing as she doesn't want Aura to develop into a mature woman that could have a bigger chest than her.

Regardless if the twins want to be turned into vampire, Shalltear is willing to do it. The offer is denied by Albedo under her authority of Overseer Guardian, as once a subject is turned into a vampire, he or she will swear allegiance to whoever turned them. It would be inappropriate for Floor Guardians to have conflicted loyalties. She scolds Shalltear for trying to increase the number of vampires in Nazarick. And besides since there are many race change items in Nazarick using one should suffice. But in her opinion turning into a demon would be a better option, which causes Shalltear to call her a hypocrite. To Albedo though it's not a bad choice as demons are a strong race, but would require Fallen Seeds to change two people. This draws an objection from the vampire who argues that if either Aura or Mare change race their abilities will be lowered that what it is now. Albedo thinks for a moment and asks if there is a race that uses the druid system of magic which Mare could possibly change into. A plant-based race is suggested, though the women believe it would be hard to adjust with Mare turning into a talking plant.

According to Albedo Nazarick possess many racial change items, not just Fallen Seeds, but the Book of the Dead, Wings of Ascension, Ligaments, Resource Fragment, etc. to fulfil any wish that Mare wants. But this causes Shalltear to complain as there are so many choices and wishes that there was an item like one where you can choose to be any of the variant species. Albedo shocks her when she states that there is: Chimeric Cells and Reincarnation Elixir. But won't recommend using them as there is no guarantee that the user will get a strong race. In Shalltear's opinion rolling a die with six sides to represent different races would be better to help Mare decide, which Albedo agrees. The two then start constructing a die with each side being a different race to possibly land on. First side die being vampires. Second side die being demons. Third side die being plant-based races. Four side die being skeleton. The last one was added to express their love to Ainz. The fifth side is made to represent slimes as Aura and Mare's creator was one. The last side of the die proves difficult as they want to select a race the exemplifies power. But suggestions like Brain Eaters and even cockroaches like Kyouhukou bring thoughts of revulsion.

They hear a voice that belongs to Mare and peeking around the corner, the Floor Guardians spy the elf talking to Narberal Gamma. The elf questions Narberal about something that he read, that when a person meets a doppelgänger of themselves they will die. The maid clarifies that her kind do not have such curse skills, though if a doppelgänger copies a target, most likely the former will kill the latter for an agenda. The maid also asks the boy why he has taken an interest, only to be answered that Mare wanted to see if stories on her race were exaggerated. Albedo and Shalltear watching from afar review doppelgängers as last possible race for the die and admit that the shape-shifters have merit in ability. They mistake that Mare is considering turning into that race as he wants to act as Ainz's body double, much to their envy.

Eventually they come before Ainz at his office. to borrow his wisdom on what variant race Mare and Aura should be. But to their shock Ainz declines to intervene as he believes whatever race that the twins pick are given the two will try to live up to their peers expectations. For that matter shouldn't the twins voice matter in this case. The vampire and succubus praise Ainz for his insight, even though the Overlord only want to get out of making such a life altering decision. Having said his part Ainz allows them to handle this matter. The two both volunteer to help the twins decide. When Aura comes to the office, both Shalltear and Albedo think that Aura is approaching them to make the decision. In fact it has nothing to do with racial change, but a message from Demiurge requesting them not to borrow Pulcinella as he needs him at the ranch. Aura evens questions why they were studying Shalltear's salvia in he first place, leaving both Shalltear and Albedo at a loss in dignity.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace June 2021 Issue.


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