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Supreme School Trip (至高の修学旅行) is the forty-seventh chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


At an evening meeting Momonga greets his fellow guild mates. Peroroncino quickly wants to talk about the upcoming fall event, Autumn of Exercise. The event in question, once cleared a player is rewarded a jersey. Peroroncino states that the reward is disappointing as he wanted to get a woman's short-cut bloomers. The birdman suggests maybe the guild take a commemorative picture instead. Ulbert Alain Odle has the idea for doing a picture titled as "Ainz Ooal Gown High School Mandrake Digging Tournament Commemorative Photo". In Momonga's frank opinion he feels that the jerseys would not match with the theme as the activity is not a sport. Jerseys should be worn during physical education or school activities. Ulbert getting inspiration then states that they should do a "Ainz Ooal Gown High School Trip". In which they act out a school excursion and sightsee. The best example they could try proposed by Ulbert is doing a overnight school trip.

The guild member relocate to the Ninja Mansion, all dressed out in their jerseys. Punitto Moe comments that such activities like these excursions were common for junior high and high school students in the real world during the 20th and 21st centuries, when air pollution and the divide between the rich and poor were not so great. Warrior Takemikazuchi is disappointed that such things ended a hundred years ago. The group are eager to start their school excursion, one of the highlighted activities that wish to paly out is a pillow fight. Tabula Smaragdina however notes that pillow fighting might not be possible as Ulbert discovered that the pillows that came with their futons are unable to be removed. Peroroncino wonders if something else could be used as a substitute and Nishikienrai suggests looking in the guild shared warehouse. Warrior Takemikazuchi found something that can be used, a flour bag. However the bag contains an unknown substance. Touch Me answers that he knows what it is, as its a bag containing Diatomaceous Earth made when a few of them were making sandbags. The item is cast with doubt on whether they can use this as a replacement for their pillow fight.

The male members of Ainz Ooal Gown are soon joined by the female members, Bukubukuchagama and Yamaiko. The two provide a solution as they were asked by Momonga previously to go shopping for pillows. As Bukubukuchagama distributes the pillows from her Item Box, Yamaiko brings up if Luci★Fer is coming. That is mind Tabula wonders if they have enough futons. Momonga states that they should have enough, though Luci★Fer is playing the role as a teacher. He hopes to enact and experience the situation where students are behaving like rascals and then stopping and slipping back into their futons when the teacher approaches.

Peroroncino suggests may they could do a situation where the teacher comes in while the male and female students were playing. The female students could then hide in the futons with the males to avoid detection. Tabula snickers and asks if Peroroncino saw such a situation on an eroge, which the former retorts that it was from a romantic comedy for all ages. To prepare for Luci★Fer, Punitto Moe has some of the guild members pair with each other to allow the female members to hide in the futons. Due to their relative sizes, Warrior Takemikazuchi and Yamaiko share a futon. Likewise Bukubukuchagama and Peroroncino share one as well. Nishikienrai being a ninja is given free reign on how he wants to sneak away as the Ninja Mansion provides lots of hidden rooms. However Ulbert and Tabula are against it as it would go against their world view of a school trip at an inn. Though Touch Me points out that this school trip exists in YGGDRASIL and thus deviates from the common world view.

Nishikienrai replies that he will simply hide in the closet to keep up the façade of their school trip at an inn. Inside a closet he finds a large jar with seals pasted on it. Upon seeing the item, Tabula identifies it as a jar containing evil spirits. The jar brings up the topic con how this can fit in their school trip as it's not normal. A few though argue that old inns are suppose to contain one or two cursed vessels. Still just to be safe Nishikienrai promises to make sure not to tip the jar over.

Momonga announces the beginning of the pillow fight. Before the pillow fight starts, Touch Me asks if there are any rules. In response Ulbert throws his pillow straight into Touch Me's face declaring that this was a battlefield dominated by violence and that the last person standing is the winner. Ulbert's words fire everyone up and Momonga wonders aloud if they need a referee. The pillow fight progresses, where Nishikienrai dodges the pillows effortlessly thanks to his ninja skills. The guild members enjoy the fight, but are stopped by Touch Me who hears a strange noise. The noise is later heard by the others, identifying it as a sound from a music box and growing closer.

The sound is coming from outside the Ninja Mansion where Luci★Fer approaches with a music box in one hand and a knife in another. Momonga and Peroroncino taking a peek out the door are terrified by the scene and warn the others that the "teacher" is coming. The guild members quickly go to their places as they planned and turn off the lights. Luci★Fer now amongst the seemingly sleeping bodies in the futons asks if their are any naughty students out of bed. Luci★Fer goes to the closet, deducing it to be where Nishikienrai, giving the ninja a fright with his menacing attitude. The angel plays his own twisted version of the school trip, rather than being a teacher, he plays the role of a demon haunting the inn. He soon takes notice of the sealed jar below Nishikienrai and jokes aloud that if he should break it and he'll be no longer tied to the inn. The other guild members play along at which point Yamaiko and Bukubukuchagama excuse themselves as they have to meet with Akemi.

The male members of the guild being free continue the school trip, chatting with each others in their futons. Ulbert thinks they should trade stories and Tabula suggests that they keep it accurate within the Heisei and Reiwa eras. The stories such as Touch Me, Ulbert Alain Odle, and Bukubukuchagama are waiting for the rest of their school party to arrive. However several of their members have met with some obstacles. For one, Peroroncino missed the Shinkansen and failed to rendezvous with them. From there it was the start of a turbulent school trip. Punitto Moe was bitten by a deer on his way when he tried to feed it rice crackers. Plus the teacher Ankoro Mocchi Mochi was angry at Punitto Moe for trying bring the deer as a souvenir. Nishikienrai tells his own story of how he was able get a front row seat to see a mass hallucination battle at city of Nara, between the Great Buddha of Nara and the Great Buddha of Ushiku. Oddly locals of the city noted the common sightings of the Great Buddha of Kamakura.

Peroroncino brings up the topic of gossiping on girls, which the others find strange since they are all men. To elaborate, Peroroncino gives them an example, telling them how he a day before bought a Binaural Ear Grip ASMR Doujin Voice Story. He is cut off by his friends who rather not hear it as it's not girl gossip but a product review. The birdman admits that the situation still relates to the opposite sex, as he listen to twin succubi speak to him in both his left and right ears. Warrior Takemikazuchi then brings the discussion on who his guild mates think is the cutest female in their "class". The rest of the group however refrain from entering that conversation as they do not want to judge and rank their female freinds without permission. The Nephilim then changes it by having the ranking be based on Nazarick's Non-Playable Characters. The male members of Ainz Ooal Gown then get into a passionate discussion, shouting out their favorite female NPCs, and leading to Pestonya Shortcake Wanko as a favorite due to her kindness and dog-like appearance.

The discussion turns to talking about rumors. Momonga brings one up rumor in that if one prays to Yamaiko before drawing a gacha, a person can draw a rare game item. The others think that it might hold some truth as Yamaiko is surprisingly lucky at gacha. Luci★Fer has some something he wants to share as it concerns a specific creation of his, but the others immediately halt him begging him not to speak any further of it.

The group continue to chat and wonder what lies in the future for them and the game YGGDRASIL. Some hope that they will still be doing stupid stuff in the next ten years in the game though a few wonder if the game will still be popular by then. They hope the Developers of YGGDRASIL of the DMMO-RPG will come out with YGGDRASIL II at which point the guild could be moved there. Some suggestions are made like when the sequel comes out that the guild should fix some of the Mercenary NPCs.

The last scene shows Momonga in the Throne Room, who was worrying about the abilities of the AI of the Mercenary NPCs. He has other concerns like the maintenance costs and wonders if he should hunt some solo players outside to get funds. Momonga appears to be alone now burdened with keeping Nazarick up and running hoping for the rest of the guild to someday return.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace May 2021 Issue.
  • After it was collected in Overlord: The Undead Oh! Volume 08, the chapter was re-designated as Chapter 46.


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