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Quiz $ Nazarick (クイズ$ナザリック) is the forty-fifth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Yuri Alpha finishes up a maid training lesson with Tuare. The senior maid compliments the human woman on her progress so far. Sebas Tian tells Tuare to take a break, while Yuri approaches the butler as she wishes to consult with him on the many rooms on the 9th Floor. In her view while it is important to preserve the facilities made by the Supreme Beings, she also feels that they should show their loyalty by utilizing them for their intended purpose. Sebas Tian has no problem with the idea, and Yuri states that a Quiz Tournament is going to be held in the Quiz Room. It will be concerning knowledge on being a maid and trivia on Nazarick, which Yuri would like Tuare to participate. She underlines that the tournament will only have one answerer and that it could be used to see Tuare's understanding and how much knowledge she retains on the dungeon and its history. Though Sebas Tian is unsure, he doesn't have the heart to refuse Yuri who is eager to organize the challenge. He then tells Yuri that he will speak to Tuare on the invitation.

Two weeks later, Sebas Tian, Yuri Alpha, and Pestonya Shortcake Wanko are sitting in the audience seats watching as Lupusregina Beta announces the first Quiz $ Nazarick. She explains that the contestant to the tournament will be none other than Tuarea while CZ2128 Delta will be serving as the questioner. Just after Tuare gives her self-introduction, Lupusregina further outlines the rules that the questions are to be answered by multiple choice using the four choices of A, B, C, or D. The maid states that it's pretty easy, especially for one living in Nazarick, but makes a subtly warning of the tension if Tuare gets her answers wrong. In addition the event is being recorded and it is being aired lived to the general maids at the cantina.

The first question is asked by Shizu, "What floor is the Floor Guardian Demiurge is charge of?"; A) 4th Floor. B) 5th Floor. C) 6th Floor. D) 7th Floor. Tuare answers it to be D thinking it to be a simple answer. Shizu asks if that is her final answer which Tuare states yes. After a brief eye staring contest Shizu states that to be the correct answer.

The second question is "The name before Ainz changed his named to Ainz Ooal Gown is...."; A) Dodomba. B) Momonga. C) Gaganbo D) Colombo. Tuare deduces the name to be derived from Ainz adventurer identity Momonga when he was a beginner and selects B. To her surprise Shizu raises her hand to stop her from confirming it as a final answer and asks the maid if she would like the option of using her lifeline. Confused by the offer, Lupusregina quickly interjects explaining that the contestant has three lifelines to help her answer the question. One being that the questioner can narrow the answer to two choices. The second would be to talk to a consultant in a separate room for help. And lastly would be the get the answer by the vote of the audience. Tuare though feels that she is confident that it is B. Lupusregina whispers to Tuare that Shizu really wants to use some of the room's gimmicks reserved for the lifeline options. On that Tuare promises to be aware of that next time.

The third question is "What is the total number of Creators and Supreme Beings?"; A) 41. B) 44. C) 45. D) 48. Tuare answers A, having remember this piece of information from her lessons from Sebas Tian and the Forty-One Supreme Beings. It was one of the lessons the butler drilled into her as he feared that if she failed to know this tidbit about the Supreme Beings it would be disastrous.

The fourth question is "Who are the creators of Aura and Mare?"; A) Peroroncino. B) Herohero. C) Yamaiko. D) Bukubukuchagama. The human maid selects D as her answer, which she also credits to Sebas Tian's prepping as she had asked about the peculiar names of the Supreme Beings. She remembers that Bukubukuchagama's name means "bubbling tea pot" and reflects the creator's role as a shield.

The fifth question is "Who is the second born in the Pleiades?"; A) Lupusregina Alpha. B) Lupusregina Delta. C) Lupusregina Zeta. D) Lupusregina Beta. While Tuare thinks that the answer is Lupusregina, when the choices are made available she is stumped as she doesn't remember Lupusregina's last name. Unable to decide whether it is Beta or Zeta, Tuare asks for a lifeline. She selects that the option to narrow down her choices. However the monitor on her screen shows that her choices have been narrowed down to either C) Zeta or D) Beta. Agast at how her situation isn't any better, the maid blurts that D is the answer hoping she is right to which she is.

The sixth question is "What is sound Shalltear often makes at the end?"; A) Yansu. B) Zama. C) Arinsu. D) Reru. The question makes Sebas Tian nervous as he didn't cover it in the lessons with Tuare nor has she ever had a chance to meet Shalltear. Yuri apologizes to the butler as she though the question was common sense to most of Nazarick. Pestonya states that they should not be too worried, as Tuare still has lifelines left. Sebas is relieved until he asks who is the collaborator for the telephone call worried that the operator might lie due to prejudice towards outsiders and humans. He is shocked to learn that it is Shalltear. Pestonya points out this will make the answer to readily available no matter what content of the conversation. Tuare asks for a lifeline and Shizu directs the human to use her terminal's phone to contact the collaborator for help. There is no certainty that the collaborator will know the answer as they are located in another room and that the call will only be thirty seconds. Tuare makes the call, and Shalltear answers using "arinsu". It's enough for Tuare to confirm her answer and thanks the Floor Guardians before hanging up.

For the rest of the questions, Tuare managed to answer them all correctly, without using her last lifeline. One question stumps her, as it is "How many questions are there so far?"; A) 13. B) 14. C) 15. D) 16. Having lost count Tuare uses her last lifeline to ask a vote form the audience who direct her to the answer C. The answer is correct according to Shizu who acknowledges to Tuare that it was a difficult one.

Now without anymore lifelines, Tuare is asked the sixteenth question which is " Who is Ainz's first queen?"; A) Albedo. B) Shalltear. C) Aura. D) It's not decided. Despite having not know Ainz for too long, Tuare is confident that the answer is D as a queen has yet to be decided for him. The answer is correct and Lupusregina congratulates Tuare for handing in answering the question so delicately. She also adds that Shalltear even participated in the tournament to act as a collaborator in hopes of answering this question for the game. Thankfully it was not and Tuare was spared from receiving the wrong answer.

The final question is brought out which is "Which of the following fingers on Ainz's hands are without a ring?"; A) Right Thumb. B) Right Middle Finger. C) Left Index Finger. D) Left Ringer Finger. On this Tuare truly has no idea as the subject wasn't brought up in Sebas Tian's class nor did she ever look at Ainz's fingers in detail. While thinking about which of the four fingers is the answer, Tuare has a flashback of when Sebas Tian had given her a ring to help her not become fatigued. Pestonya later came over to ask for Tuare help. She noticed that Tuare placed the ring on her left ring finger and inquires Tuare about it telling her that having a ring there is a symbol of engagement. Tuare embarrassed, denies that to be the case. back in the present, Tuare realizes that memory can help her in this problem and select D to be her final answer. Shizu states that is correct and announces that Tuare successfully answer all her questions correctly much to delight of the crowd.

Later Sebas praises Tuare on her accomplishment, though he admits that he was surprised that Tuare answered the final question correctly. He remembers their lessons together and cannot recall ever meeting Ainz for her to get a good look at his hands. Tuare nervously tries to change the subject. Meanwhile Pestonya, Yuri and Lupusregina watch the discussion from behind a corner. Pestonya is pleased that the situation she helped arrange is developing as it was she who suggested to Yuri to add the last question. Lupusregina is just happy at seeing a romantic comedy in the works.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace February 2021 Issue.


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