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Ainz Ooal Gown Time (アインズ・ウール・ゴウンタイム) is the forty-fourth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Ainz Ooal Gown looks at the handful of coins produced by the Exchange Box for the wheat he inserted. Pandora's Actor comments that perhaps that Nazarick would need to produce more wheat in order to create a stable supply of gold. Ainz is frustrated at the state of the dungeon's finances as he used 500 million YGGDRASIL gold coins to revive Shalltear Bloodfallen. Ainz definitely wants to avoid doing so again, but must find a secure method of funds just in case.

He asks Pandora's Actor if may there is a potion that can double gold coins, though the Area Guardian hopes there is, sadly tells his creator they lack any in stock. Ainz recalls that in books and movies, gambling would be an effective way to gain money, noting that with the intelligences of Albedo and Demiurge, the two would probably clean out a casino. Still the idea as some merit and Ainz wonders if there are any casinos in the New World. Finally having an idea, Ainz grabs Pandora's Actor to show him Pachislot Ainz Ooal Gown. The Overlord explains to the Area Guardian that the slot machine was a creation of Garnet. However since Ainz never took an interest in gambling until now the item was left forgotten in the Treasury. Pandora'a Actor examining the machine, notes that it requires only one gold coin to use. He recalls that a slot machine is a game mechanism that a person can use to win and receive dividends if they manage to rotate the reels and align it with the same pattern. Ainz confirms that's the gist of how it operates. Pandora' Actor inquires if they really should use such a hallowed item as it may have the images of the Supreme Beings on the reels.

His master states that is unimportant, but the possibility of using the machine to increase the number of gold coins which Pandora' Actor admits to be tempting to turn their small earnings to something big. Pandora's Actor muses that the Exchange Box only gives them the value of what is put into it, but so where does the gold from the game slot originate from? He surmises that the winnings from the machine will draw from the funds in the Treasury. The point is well made by Pandora's Actor and Ainz admits that maybe this machine was only meant to act as entertainment. However he still wants to test it out to understand its limits and leaves the task to Pandora's Actor.

Three days later, Ainz looking at the dungeon status screen confirms that the amount of gold in Nazarick has not changed. This could mean that there is a zero amount reallocation, or that Pandora'a Actor wasn't earning or losing anything with the game machine. Thinking wise to check on the Area Guardian, Ainz teleports to the Treasury where he finds his creation continuing to play with the slot machine and surrounding him were scattered pieces of papers. Ainz demands to know what is going on, which Pandora's Actor apologizes as he was diligently studying the machine for three days since he last spoke with his creator. This momentarily causes Ainz some concern as he feared that Pandora's Actor may have developed into a gambling addict, but the NPC sensing his master's thoughts states that he was conducting sensible research. He can with confidence say that Pachislot Ainz Ooal Gown was just a furnishing and that the gold withdrawn come from Nazarick's assets. Ainz is somewhat disappointed that it took Pandora' Actor three days to figure that out, but is shocked when Pandora's Actor tells him that he found about it at the beginning of his investigate. The papers on the floor are for his analysis of specifications and summarizations on strategy. Since Ainz told him to be careful about gambling, Pandora's Actor had be writing out some of the game machine's specification to make sure it is safe. Ainz had personally experience in gambling as he blew off his company's bonus to spend it on YGGDRASIL gachas. Like when he tried to earn a Shooting Star and finally managed to win it after several tries, in contrast to his comrade's lucky one time win.

Pandora's Actor invites Ainz to play the slot machine to see for himself to play. Though apprehensive at the thought of gambling, Ainz wants to learn more about Garnet's machine. He is about to insert a coin, but Pandora's Actor states that it is unnecessary as apparently the machine was credited from its winnings, allowing about thirty games to be played. It one were to keep winning moderately a person can effectively play forever without spending credits. On Ainz's first try, he gets three in a row pictures of Luci★Fer making him wonder if the angel was involved with the slot machine's construction.

Pandora' Actor explains the the machine has three reels; in which the middle one is used for the judgment of a game's outcome. Whatever the image is in the middle, in order to win it must be the same for all reels. To earn big getting three 7's is an aim, but they must be of the same color. There are two sets of 7's. One is depicted with the bodies of the pink Bukubukuchagama and the purple Herohero. There also seems to be other faces of the Supreme Beings on the reels, but to the surprise of Pandora's Actor and Ainz, the second turn shows all three reels with Ainz's face. Pandora's Actor becomes ecstatic as the three Ainz Ooal Gowns activate the Ainz Ooal Gown Chance mode of the game. As the notice of the mode comes on the screen, Pandora's Actor explains that the mode can allow one to win lots of gold coins as it activates Gown Time.

A video on the game comes up which shows a scene of Nazarick from the outside and Touch Me and his signature pose of "Justice Has Arrived", but the words "Failed" come up as well indicating that Ainz did not win the Ainz Ooal Gown Chance. It seems that Ainz still needs to raise his probability of winning by looking at a gauge that appears at the bottom. The video continues and shows a Japanese-style room, which AInz recognizes to be the Ninja Mansion designed by Garnet for Nishikienrai. Nishikienari soon appears in the screen doing a ninja move and disappearing into the shadows. Gown Time soon appears and provides a special video production of the Supreme Beings in battle. Seeing the video, Ainz deduces hat Garnet collected the scenes when the guild was out battling bosses. He memories of his companions contained within the item, causes Ainz to be happy. His thoughts are disturbed when Pandora's Actor tells him that he got three 7's on the machine. A new video comes up of a silhouette of Ainz, and next a video of [Shark Cyclone] and Tabula Smaragdina providing commentary on the spelll to the confusion of Ainz and Pandora's Actor.

Before they can react a payout of 1 million gold coins shoots out of the machine knocking them off their feet and into the ground. After the incident, the slot machine was placed in an obscure section of the Treasury.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace January 2021 Issue.


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