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Ghost-Dono And Hamsuke (死霊殿とハムスケ) is the second part of the forty-first chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Ainz Ooal Gown conducts an experiment in his office with both Narberal Gamma and Hamsuke acting as participants. Using his skill of Create Low Tier Undead, Ainz summons a Wraith. Hamsuke is initially shocked at seeing the apparition but becomes delighted as it looks just like her. Narberal says otherwise as to her, the Wraith resembles nothing like the hamster whatsoever. This confirms what Ainz suspected, ghosts appear differently depending on the eye of the beholder. He theorizes that the appearance of ghosts in this world depends on the viewer's race. Narberal understanding this explains why to her that the spirit's face looks to be a Doppelgänger in agony, making Ainz wonder how it would look like. Still the results of this experiment are interesting as in YGGDRASIL visuals of ghosts were always human-like, but here in this new world there is the viewer's race that acts as a determinant of the ghost's appearance. Ainz gives Narberal warning that her perception on a ghost might expose her as a non-human, which she promises to keep in mind. Satisfied with his experiment, Ainz dismisses the two from his office. Before leaving, Hamsuke asks if she could borrow the Wraith for awhile. Narberal tells Hamsuke she can't breed with it, but Hamsuke denies that to be the reason for her interest. Hamsuke in anticipation of meeting others of her kind had previously been using reflections of herself, which Narberal and Ainz had originally assumed were the habits of a narcissist, to practice talking to her possible kindred. Here, she sees a unique opportunity to use the ghost as something close to the real thing. Seeing that there is no issue, Ainz allows Hamsuke to take the summon.

After departing from the office, Hamsuke plans to find someplace quiet to interact with the ghost. Narberal suggests going to the Frozen Prison, but Hamsuke declines as she is looking for a more hospitable atmosphere. Despite Narberal's dislike of Hamsuke, she continues to help the hamster look for a proper location, even going to Solution Epsilon for advice. The other Pleiades recommends the Bar which has the proper atmosphere, but it may be too small for Hamsuke. Other suggestions are put up like the tranquil library of Ashurbanipal to the grandiose Amphitheater, none that appear to have any appeal to Hamsuke. Solution reminds Hamsuke that she is rehearsing for when she meets others of her kind, so she should probably do it in a place that is welcoming and open. Hearing that, Hamsuke then knows exactly where to go from there.

Later on the 6th Floor, Hamsuke asks Aura if there is any isolated area in the forest. Aura though confused as to why Hamsuke is with a ghost of a Dark Elf, in her perspective, complies and directs the hamster to the site. Alone, Hamsuke cannot help but blush as being close to the facsimile of herself. Well technically not alone as the Orb of Death makes its presence know in her cheeks making Hamsuke complain that the tranquility was broken. The Orb tries to get Hamsuke to return it to the King of Death, but is denied as it would be rude since the artifact was given to her by Ainz himself. Being denied its request, Hamsuke at the very least shows the item the ghost that Ainz Ooal Gown made which the Orb then praises and basks in its dignified presence. Taking a seat next to the apparition, Hamsuke confesses to the artifact when it first saw the ghost, she believed that it was a ghost of her kind. For a moment she was happy to have a moment where she was allowed to believe that there were others of her kind out in the world somewhere. Even though she understands that the ghost is just a reflection of herself, Hamsuke hopes that she can still find living members of her kind. The Orb of Death proposes another alternative, even if Hamsuke could only find a corpse of her species, it would be possible to revive it through using Ainz's power. Embolden by these words of confidence, causes Hamsuke to continue to believe in her master.

A week later, Ainz in the hallways of the 9th Floor spots Hamsuke still with the ghost. Remembering that he gave her the summon, Ainz comes over to tell the Hamster that it's about time for the spirit to vanish and notices that Hamsuke has gotten thinner. When Hamsuke tells Ainz that she spent a lot of time with the apparition, Ainz becomes nervous as he recalls that a Wraith has the ability to distort the soul and slowly absorb vitality. This prompts Ainz to eliminate the Wraith much to Hamsuke's distress.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace October 2020 Issue.


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