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Supreme Fashion Show (至高のファッションショー ) is the first part of the forty-first chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Bukubukuchagama greets Momonga, Peroroncino, and Ulbert Alain Odle in a boutique shop. The trio see the slime player is dressed in a floppy hat and sundress as she feels to be in a seasonal mood. Ulbert comments that she looks good in the attire, as normally regular equipment would not be capable of equipping to slimes and just float in a slime's body. Bukubukuchagama suggests they change their gear for fun and take a picture of themselves. Momonga and Ulbert are onboard after some coaxing, and Peroroncino in goaded into the fashion show as she calls it though he finds it to be pointless seeing that flashy attire on heteromorphs don't project the same appeal as with humans or demi-humans. The slime states that's supposed to be fun and has outfits perfect for the three and promises to meet the trio again on the 6th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick next Saturday for the photo op.

On the date in the Amphitheater, the trio soon find Herohero and Yamaiko also present to participate. Bukubukuchagama presents four costumes that she'd like her friends to try, however none is given to Yamaiko as the slime was unable to find the right outfit that wouldn't spoil Yamaiko's Nephilim race. Yamaiko and Bukubukuchagama serve as the announcers for the first Nazarick Boys Collection or NBC show.

The first participant is Ulbert whose costume has the theme of "Black Goat Mailman." The magic caster steps out and appears to have dressed his avatar as a mailman, complete with a messenger bag, suit and cap. The women get a laugh at Ulbert and then head to the next model, being Momonga who presents himself dressed in a Mariachi outfit with a sombrero and holding maracas with the theme of the "Day of the Dead." Yamaiko and Ulbert joke that they have a Mexican version of Momonga, causing the Overlord to be annoyed that he looks like something out of a souvenir shop. Bukubukuchagama informs him that it was either this or have him strip his avatar naked and be a "Skeleton Specimen." The third model is Peroroncino whose theme is titled as "Fried Chicken Shop Clerk," and his outfit consists of an apron and a bucket of fried chicken. The sight of a bird selling poultry draws quips of irony from the announcers. Herohero is the fourth and his theme is "Murder Slime" and appears to the audience with a bonnet and skirt dress floating within his slime body depicting how its victim fell and was dissolved in the slime. Peroroncino is horrified as he recognizes the outfit to have belonged to a sweet NPC character, named Nana, that appeared during a Halloween event and accuses his sister of killing Nana though Bukubukuchagama states that it was easy for players to acquire Nana's equipment and besides the NPC was of low importance. Bukubukuchagama has her friends line up to get a group photo which the men view as having some sort of culture heteromorphic meeting as the theme. The next day, Herohero shows Momonga and Peroroncino a photo from an album of Bukubukuchagama posing in front of a sunset, which her brother believes to be a waste.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace October 2020 Issue.


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