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I Seriously Thought About The Bicorn (双角獣について本気出して考えてみた) is the fortieth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Albedo summons her bicorn mount, Top of the World, but this time she has covered herself head to toe in filth, hoping this would be enough to allow her to ride the magical beast. Top of the World instead gallops away much to his summoner's distress. Watching on the side, Shalltear Bloodfallen comments to Aura Bella Fiora that she knew it would not work well for Albedo as her Game Encyclopedia previously stated that a bicorn can sense impurity just like how a unicorn can sense chastity. Seeing that the bicorn rejected Albedo, it means that the demon is a pure virgin which Shalltear finds ironic considering the summoner is a succubus. Aura tries to give the humiliated Albedo the bright side, her attempt to change her purity stance failed but at least it spared her from greater humiliation, as if it had worked then she would have been forced to apply mud on herself every time she rode into battle.

Back in Albedo's room, both Aura and Shalltear contemplate on how to figure out a way to get Albedo to successfully ride the bicorn. Albedo is touched by their consideration, but Shalltear claims that she is doing this for Nazarick. Helping Albedo ride the bicorn means preventing the Overseer Guardian from using an excuse to sleep with Ainz Ooal Gown to take her virginity so she can meet the mount's requirements. The vampire has an idea that she believes could work, one being that they cut one of the bicorn's horns and make it into a unicorn thus as a virgin Albedo would be qualified to ride it. Aghast at the idea, Albedo states that a bicorn is still a bicorn regardless even if you try to chop one of its unbreakable horns. At a loss, the two then turn to Aura for advice as she is a Beast Tamer, but the dark elf never had a unicorn or a bicorn to train so she is stumped as well. She then suggests they look at Shalltear's encyclopedia again. Taking a look inside the pages of the book, all Shalltear can find from it are information on the ecology of unicorns, when it hits her that unicorns are the opposite of bicorns, thus they can only be ridden by a virgin. Having an idea, she cries out that they need to seek out Sebas Tian for assistance on the matter. Because the butler is in a relationship, Shalltear thought that getting help from him may allow them to find a way on being able to ride the beast! Since Albedo was set to be able to ride a bicorn by her creator Tabula Smaragdina, the vampire reasons that she is meant to be on the mount. However she needs assistance to ride it, so Sebas Tian shoulders ride the bicorn with her on his shoulders. Aura doubts the idea, questioning if the bicorn can ascertain one's pureness. Albedo reminds them that every time she touched her mount, it seemed to flinch making her wonder if its ability is some sort of skill. Aura personally wishes to stick with a unicorn, but Shalltear finds the bicorn's purity scene appealing as it could help her distinguish which people are virgins for her to drink blood from.

The trio them ponders how exactly the bicorn can tell apart whether one's a virgin or not. Several theories are suggested like possessing a sight similar to thermography. Aura notes that unicorns and bicorns are divine beasts with powerful senses which Shalltear proposes another theory that they can actually read minds to determine if you are pure. Thinking about this, Aura notes that the bicorn only reacted when Albedo touched it as it was comfortable and fine even in her presence. An idea comes from Shalltear who states if that is the case then the solution would be for Albedo to ride standing up without sitting on the bicorn. It works better since she has wings thus allowing her to float.

None of these ideas are suitable to Albedo who thinks maybe its hopeless and that she should give up. Shalltear and Aura thinking that Albedo should not feel this way about a gift from her creator, become more determined than ever to help her. Albedo doesn't know what to do as it seems that going to Ainz is the simplest way, but due to her last episode it is unlikely. Shalltear has a new idea, rather than change Albedo's chastity stance, they instead change the mind of the bicorn and make it carry Albedo. Aura thinks that its possible to persuade the bicorn, though his refusal to allow Albedo to ride it is more inborn instinct from their creator. That makes Shalltear laugh as she thinks that it proves that the creator of the unicorns and bicorns was a pervert. Aura rebukes stating that's how nature is.

When Shalltear compares this situation like how a lover of dogs has allergies, Albedo realizes that allergies are an overreaction of the immune system. What if they were to make the bicorn immune to virgins? Gradually expose Top of the World to prostitutes and the slowly to pure-hearted characters so that it can withstand to be able to ride with Albedo. She recalls that there was a human who once drunk small amounts of poison to be immune, believing the same could be applied in this case.

To start, Albedo summons her mount and practices by placing her hand on Top of the World. All seems fine as the bicorn was able to endure it. Albedo urges Aura to help by placing her hand on her mount. For Shalltear, Albedo decides to include her too as she is unsure of the vampire's chastity status. All three maidens then touch the bicorn together.

Later on, Albedo is seen alone with the bicorn in an office with Increment standing at attention. Unsure why Albedo brought out a summon, she is shocked from her mental musings when Albedo asks if she is a virgin. Blushing the maid confirms that she is, which Albedo then requests the maid to touch her mount. Albedo then proceeds to go around Nazarick, asking its denizens on the status of their virginity and to place a hand on Top of the World. The Overseer Guardian receives a [Message] from Ainz to report to his office. At her master's office, Ainz addresses some concern over Albedo's actions, specifically her recent survey in virginities of the women of Nazarick. While no formal complaint has been made, and even though she is of the same sex as the women, Ainz cannot ignore it as her actions pry into people's privacy and border on sexual harassment.

That is not it of course and Albedo denies the accusation stating that she is trying to ride her bicorn. Ainz surprised at this, tells her that he may be able to assist her. Albedo dazed that Ainz would agree to "help", finds herself utterly disappointed when Ainz tells her that a simple mental magic could alter the bicorn's mind to make her think she is a virgin. Unable to take this sudden turn of events, Albedo runs out crying to the confusion of Ainz. In a side note on the last page it is mentioned that as of Overlord Volume 14, Albedo is still not able to ride her mount.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace September 2020 Issue.


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