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Which Battle Maid (どっちかお姉ちゃんバトル) is the thirty-eighth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


CZ2128 Delta finding Lupusregina Beta has vanished again, looks for her in the maid cantina. The Homunculus Maids there are so happy to see Shizu-chan and offer the Pleiades maid their homemade stuffed toys. Accepting them, CZ2128 also finds her quarry who comments on the former's popularity. While walking in the hallways, CZ2128 asks her sister why the maids refer to her as Shizu-chan instead of "-san" like with Lupusregina? The red-haired maid states that it's because the other general maids are familiar with her, but they see Shizu as a little sister. They are joined by Entoma Vasilissa Zeta, who gets into a tense exchange with Shizu as both try to lay claim to the title of older sister. Due to their settings, all of the Pleiades have categorized each other as siblings yet for the sister pair of Shizu and Entoma there is no definite designation on who is the oldest or youngest as they were created around the same time. The same goes for Narberal Gamma and Solution Epsilon.

To solve this issue, Entoma tries to use the dark elf twins as a reference, stating that the two were created at the same time, yet Aura Bella Fiora is deemed the older sibling due to her boldness compared to her timid brother Mare Bello Fiore. While it works for those two, Shizu refuses to be called as the younger sister and continues to butt heads with Entoma.

Lupusregina states that sister relationships are not a hierarchy of power or status. Reminding them that their youngest sister, Aureole Omega, is the Area Guardian of the Cherry Blossom Sanctuary. Not only that, but there is also Albedo who is the Overseer Guardian boasting the highest defense while her sister Nigredo who is just as powerful is confined in the Frozen Prison. Both of the two maids agree that these examples make sense to them but still does not answer who is the younger sister between them. Lupusregina is sympathetic to whoever is dealt the younger sister title as she is junior to Yuri Alpha, but wants to keep this fair and also have some fun, so she tells her two siblings of a plan to decide who will get the title of older sister. Though she warns them that being the eldest is painful as it means having a lot of responsibility. As if being punctual, Yuri soon appears behind Lupusregina and demands why they are idling about. Both Entoma and Shizu tell her they are trying to determine who should be the eldest sister between the two. Yuri as a role model to her sisters tries to impress them on what being an older sister is. To start off, she recommends the three speak with those in Nazarick who are considered older sisters.

The group then go around Nazarick to see Aura, Nigredo and even Neuronist Painkill to ask what their own definition of a sister is. They even pay Carne Village a visit, albeit with Shizu invisible and Entoma disguised, to speak with Enri Emmot on her definition of being an older sister. Enri just tells the group that she is a year older and her sister's guardian ever since their parents died. To her being an older sister means to protect her younger sister. Lupusregina fawns over Enri's loyalty only to have Entoma jab her in the side to keep her emotions under control.

Upon returning to Nazarick, Lupusregina having been inspired by Enri's words finally knows the best way to determine who should be sister. A test on seeing who can better protect as an older sister! Taking out a glass cup, she declares that the water inside it to be their new "little sister" and devises a game to have Entoma and Shizu cross through an obstacle narrow path with swinging blades. Whoever successfully has the most of the "little sister" through the course and back will be hailed the older sister. The only restrictions are that skills are forbidden as well as using their hands to cover the glass. Lupusregina stands at the opposite end of the traps with a nearby Skeleton Warrior holding the finish line, but is disappointed when the participants go slowly. Finding it boring, she declares that even if they spill the water on the way, the first one who gets to the finish line will have their cup of water filled to double. Hearing that, Shizu takes it more seriously and rushes forward dodging the traps thanks to her knowledge of Nazarick's systems. It seems that Shizu will reach first, but is stopped by a leg from Entoma's Arachnoid form.

Entoma is the first one to reach the end and thus is given more water in her cup. But to Shizu's surprise, Entoma fills her cup so that they are now call the competition a draw. Happy to see this result, Lupusregina is glad to have maintained the status quo and is happy the two are now getting along. The two agree that Lupusregina is worthy of being an older sister, and ask her to complete the rest of the course by bringing the glass over to the other side to prove it. Lupusregina, obliges them and in a snap crosses through the tarp filled path with flying colors without spilling a single drop. The maids marvel at the other's skill but turn to shock when they see Lupusregina drink their "little sister" in one gulp. Later on, Yuri observes that the two maids are getting along and wonders why as Lupusregina smiles smugly.     

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace June 2020 Issue.


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