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Tasting Party of Sushi (試食会 of Sushi) is the thirty-fifth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Sous-chef working in the farm on the Green Hole has a surprise visit from Ainz Ooal Gown and Mare Bello Fiore. Not expecting the master of Nazarick to be present, the Myconid is nervous but Ainz apologizes for not informing him of his visit. Ainz wishes to know the status of the operations in this area of the 6th Floor. Sous-chef reports that the outsiders such as the lizardmen, dryads, and treants, are settling quite well. In addition their farm is producing results like the mandrakes that sing praises to Ainz Ooal Gown. Ainz is pleased with this. While on the topic of outsiders, Sous-chef asks how the dinner with the ones from Carne Village fared. Ainz states the meal went wonderfully and tells Sous-chef to give his thanks to the Head Chef and hopes for another opportunity. Sous-chef is glad and if an opportunity to prepare meals for guests happens in the future asks what kind of menu should the cooks prepare. Ainz is at a loss due to his life as a salaryman and his lack of exposure to good cuisine. Though there is only one high quality food he is aware of: rotating sushi and muses it aloud to his subordinates. Thinking this is Ainz's intended menu item, Sous-chef vehemently promises to prepare it. Though the cook is confused on the 'rotating' part he is confident that it's within the Head Cooks' abilities. Ainz is surprised that the cook is aware of sushi, but then mentally thinks that it wouldn't be strange for YGGDRASIL to have Japanese cuisine since they also have Japanese weapons.

As Sous-chef makes the preparations, Ainz has second thoughts on the reason that sushi may be too sophisticated for the guests of Nazarick, but the cook insists that the guests will eat anything as it was ordered by his master. Still Ainz is not reassured given how sushi was not taken well as a food even in his old world. Plus he worries how his possible guests: Nfirea Bareare, Enri Emmot and Nemu Emmot will react and especially does not want to cause Nfirea any harm due to his role in producing potions for Nazarick. Though Ainz agrees to hold a taste test of the sushi that will be prepared.

Those that will be taking part in the taste test include, Tuareninya Veyron, Mare Bello Fiore, and Narberal Gamma. At the cantina, Ainz briefly explains the components of sushi, as Sous-chef presents a sushi made from a Kraken. Sous-chef advises the trio to use sakuyu for seasoning. Narberal asks if they can have a fork an knife. Sous-chef explains sushi uses chopsticks which Mare finds barbaric. Ainz attempts to use this as a reason to discourage having sushi as a menu item since sushi requires chopsticks, but Sosu-chef allows them to use a fork and knife. Seeing that attempt fail, Ainz hopes the poor taste of the sushi will be a factor to convince the others to drop it off the menu. The tasters instead find it to be delicious. Sous-chef present another piece of sushi, and while it looks the same as the previous he tells them that it was prepared with salt and lemon. The group finds it to be of an agreeable taste making Ainz wish he was able to try it. The next sushi is the Special Salmon from Nóatún prepared in two kinds of sashimi. Sebas Tian watching from the sidelines is thankful for Ainz for allowing Tuare to particpate as it not only allows her to enjoy good food but be a part of Nazarick. Meanwhile Ainz is thinking that maybe he can still call this off hoping for poisoning through the food. He brings the topic on whether sushi is safe to eat for humans. But the Myconid assures him that the flesh was treated with heat and prepared properly. Plus if there is any case of food poisoning it will be treated accordingly by Pestonya Shortcake Wanko.

The next dishes that follow are made from various exotic monsters such as the Death Snow Crab, Demon King Anglerfish, Poison Needlefish, etc. making Ainz nauseous on the poison potential of these ingredients. While Ainz ponders on how the people from Carne Village will react to these dishes, there is a special dish made from a Goblin Fish, as Sous-chef thought it appropriate to serve since the Goblin Troop live in the village. The Overlord isn't too sure that's appropriate, but Tuare states that the fish tastes delicious. The next dish is made from a Goblin Shark.

The taste test of sushi has been met with approval by the tasters until Narberal comments on the fish's freshness that Sous-chef shows them a wheel tray full of fish and sea creatures that were used. Tuare upon seeing the creatures of what she ate faints, giving Ainz a reason to halt the test. The end of the chapter ends with a scene of the Homunculus Maids enjoying a meal together stating that quantity is the best quality.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace March 2020 Issue.


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