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Look For It! Exchange Box Utilization Technology (探れ!エクスチェンジ・ボックス活用テク) is the thirty-fourth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Albedo and Shalltear Bloodfallen soak in the view of Ainz Ooal Gown's personal bathing chamber still filled with the water that Ainz bathed in. Having bribed the cleaning staff to allow them in, the two toast to a drink only to be knocked into the water by Aura Bella Fiora's Queen chastising them for drinking on the job. She demands to know why the two are here, to which Albedo unconvincingly states that they are here to help drain the water. Aura doesn't buy the excuse, and sees that Shalltear is floating listless in the bath. She asks if the vampire is okay, but it turns out that Shalltear is just drinking the dirty water as it has Ainz's essence. Aura tries to tell them what they are doing is perverted but is ignored as the other two women believe that a girl like her cannot understand their feelings of love. Rather than engaging in their fetish the dark elf thinks that they should be doing something that benefits Nazarick. The two grumble at being forced to act professional. They try to come up with a way to gain value for Nazarick. Albedo thought about the idea of using Ainz's bath water as it contains his essence so surely it must contain some value. To test it out, Albedo suggests they put it in the Exchange Box.

At the Treasury, the trio of women meet Pandora's Actor who agrees to use the item to assess the value of the substance. Bringing him a pitcher of the bath water, he asks what it is, but is deadpanned when she tells him it's his creator's bath water. Shalltear is sure that the water must have great value due to it being associated with their master. Aura on the other hand, is not so sure about it as the Exchange Box or shredder determines the value of things differently. Pandora' Actor returns and sadly tells him that the magic item did not process it or convert it into gold as it was deemed to be just hot water. He even made sure of it by tasting the water, hoping to use his Merchant job class from Nearata's form to determine its true value, but the amount still amount out less than a gold coin. Albedo is disappointed but not surprised. Even though the experiment ended in failure, Pandora's Actor offers his services for any more assessments using the Exchange Box.

Albedo then has an idea and challenges Shalltear to efficiently use the Exchange Box to create an item of value. When Aura objects to having Shalltear compete, due to the latter's idiocy, Albedo consents to allow her to help Shalltear. The Overseer Guardian then states that they will return to the Treasury in five days to allow Pandora's Actor to judge the item. Aura wonders if they will be okay in this challenge. Shalltear makes a boast that it will be fine, only to then beg Aura for her wisdom in beating Albedo. Having no idea where to begin, Aura asks Pandora's Actor for more details on the Exchange Box. The Area Guardian tells them that the item assesses an item's monetary worth. It however is not influenced by the appearance of an object and would ignore any workmanship and calculate its worth to be equal to a stone of the same weight. In other words, it will not judge the shape, the history nor the artistic value of items. Furthermore the item can only be used on non-living things.

Back in Shalltear's room, the vampire is pacing, unable to think of what to make for the contest. Aura thinks that they still don't stand a chance causing Shalltear to call her a quitter. Aura tells her that she only said that it was impossible to win, but she has an idea of the best way to lose. Five days later Shalltear, Aura, Albedo, and Pandora's Actor are back in the Treasury. Albedo admires that Shalltear decided to show up to a contest that she is about to lose in. She presents her item: Momon-kun, a plushie that resembles Ainz Ooal Gown's adventurer alter-ego. Shalltear laughs at Albedo's doll stating that its materials would be worth whatever the Exchange Box decides. Albedo is aware but plans to have people assess its true value. Her plan is to sell the Momon-kun dolls in E-Rantel and exchange them for gold from the outside world. And then convert the gold from outside Nazarick into YGGDRASIL gold coins using the Exchange Box. The idea is quite profitable as Momon is a well known figure in E-Rantel and must have potential financial value in the large market. If Momon actually promotes it, the items would definitely sell. In addition, if the Momon doll does well Albedo plans on releasing a plushie of Nabe to go along with it. To keep up supply, Albedo even proposes summoning undead to mass produce the dolls.

For Shalltear's entry to the contest, she presents a roughly homemade wooden Ainz statue. She states that her doll depicts a hero, the image of Ainz Ooal Gown who will one day conquer the world. Once her doll hits the market it's obvious whose image will have a more last impact. Her idea is an investment in the future which even Albedo cannot deny, though comments that the model of Ainz could be better. Seeing as both their dolls will be of equal value to the Exchange Box, the two then see that there is only one way to settle this. The two Floor Guardians then begin to grapple against each other's intent to see who is the winner of not just the contest but the bride of Ainz. Aura tries to restore order to no avail. Aura and Pandora's Actor watch as the two squabble, the former commenting that Shalltear's original plan was to actually lose the contest as for when Shalltear's statue was placed in the Exchange Box it would be invalid as it would only measure the monetary value and not the artistic. Since the statue was in Ainz's image, Shalltear was counting that Albedo would forfeit the contest out of respect for the product. Sadly, the egos of the women get the better of each other. The fight between the two Floor Guardians rages, causing Pandora's Actor to ask Aura to perhaps she could use her Beast Tamer skills to stop them. But even Aura doubts she can stop them and shudders the day one of them becomes queen to Ainz Ooal Gown. The Area Guardian then makes a suggestion that it doesn't have to be between just these two alone, hinting that Aura should also try to win Ainz's affections much to her embarrassment.

Later when alone with Ainz in the forest, he asks her to check to see if he has anything on his face, but she backs away blushing to avoid getting too physically close to him.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace February 2020 Issue.


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