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Mother Neuronist Disturbing Advice (ニューロママのお悩み相談) is the thirty-third chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Neuronist Painkill wearing a kimono is managing the "snack" bar on the 9th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Eclair Ecleir Eicler is indignant at her being at the bar until the torturer tells her that Sous-chef is away on business and had asked her to manage it in his stead. Since she doesn't have any cooking skills to make cocktails, all Neuronist can offer is alcohol from a bottle. Though a bit disappointed, the penguin nonetheless orders plume wine. Neuronist asks Eclair to refer her by her bar name, Mama Neuro giving her a business card. Solution Epsilon arrives, apologizing for her lateness calling Neuronist, Mama Neuro. Wanting a snack she decided to come to the bar rather than the cantina. Neuronist offers the maid a plate which the latter sucks up into her mouth which she then prepares by eating the shells of the nuts and offers to Eclair much to his disgust at the residue slime on the contaminated plate of snacks losing his appetite. Neuronist says that it's fine as this is a snack bar, causing the penguin to ask what's the difference from an ordinary bar. She responds in "heart", confusing the butler. Solution recommends that the difference lies in whether the owner is called the master or mother. Neuronist insists that they call her Mama. Neuronist goes on to say that her snack bar offers customer service unlike Sous-chef's. Though Eclair states Sous-chef's bar is one of a calm space. But Neuronist states she would like her bar to have more conversation, with alcohol being supplementary. She tells Eclair to look at her business card as it states that she also acts as a consultant for people's worries. She believes that people will come to her as she disseminated the cards on all the floors. He asks if she usually talks to people with worries, which she confirms, since she's a "mature older sister" and a good listener. Solution comments that she must have gained experience from her torture sessions.

That being said, Neuronist asks if they are having trouble, but Eclair states he doesn't have any problems. Neuronist however was directing it to the Manservant. The Manservant only grunts, causing Neuronist to think that he is shy. The Manservant then whispers through a tube into her ear, though from their conversation it seems to be about his complaints on Eclair making him carry him, much to the penguin's annoyance. Soon enough another customer comes, being a Vampire Bride seeking consultation. However when the vampire says it's about Shalltear Bloodfallen Neuronist directs her to the door. He demands to know what happened about Mama Neuro helping to solves problems. She claims that she doesn't want to hear another story about the little girl Shalltear. Solution deduces that the vampire is wondering about her purpose of what she gets out from serving Shalltear, piquing Neuronist's interest.

The Vampire Bride confesses that Shalltear is fierce and ruthless, and that she fears even though she and her fellows are her mistresses will not be spared especially during her mood swings. Solution wonders if this is classified as domestic violence, and Eclari feels sorry for them. But to his shock the vampire brightens stating that it's not that bad, confusing him as why she came in the first place if not to complain about Shalltear. The vampire is confident they can handle Shalltear's dark heart, but wonders about how to cope with the shame and guilt of feeling such fear. Neuronist's doesn't care but offers to give the vampire a mudler as a trinket for her troubles.

Next is a maid who was formerly a part of a slave group that was accepted into Nazarick. The elf at first decides to leave thinking it to be unsuitable for someone of her station to talk to a denizen of Nazarick, but Neuronist warmly welcomes her. Eclair is shocked at the stark treatment compared to the previous customer. The elf explains her history of being a slave whose master foolishly challenged Nazarick. After he was killed she and her comrades were given mercy by Ainz Ooal Gown and allowed to live on the 6th Floor with Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore. Aura takes care of them, but the elf wonders how she can do so well. The elf doesn't or can't remember her life as a slave. But now she is happy and has back her ears, and still thinks she is in a dream. She's terrified to lose everything again. Neuronist confirms that Nazarick is a safe and comfortable place like no other and it's normal to have such feelings. She assures the elf that she will not be discarded by Ainz, though warns her all the same to tread carefully. Neuronist also gives the elf helpful advice on how to deal with Aura. Solution comments on her wisdom, though Eclair think she's just sugar coating it. The elf leaves with a mudler as a souvenir which is now seen as a calling card for the snack bar.

Having seen enough Eclair is impressed at Neuronist's social skills wishing to have her consultation. The temporary bartender is glad to hear and tells the penguin to ask away. The penguin is seeking help in finding a replacement for Deputy Head-Butler, after he takes the throne of Nazarick. This only brings a face of disgust on Neuronist's and Solution's faces.

Later Demiurge comes into the bar and is greeted by Neuronist and Solution. Eclair is also seen now being stuck in Solution's head.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace January 2020 Issue.
  • Since the image shown of one of Workers from the Workers Invasion is shown, it can be assumed that the episode takes place after Overlord Volume 07.


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