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Strict Examination★Masked Competition (厳正審査★仮面コンペ) is the thirty-second chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Demiurge in a meeting with the Pleiades finishes explaining Operation Gehenna to them where they are assign the roles as subordinates to the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth. After the maids understand the scheme, Demiurge moves to the next part that needs to be discussed: the designs for the masks the maids will be wearing. Demiurge places two points as the selection criteria for the masks. One is that the design is unrelated to Ainz Ooal Gown and the second that it must be devilish. The mask design they make will then be worn by the Demon Emperor and the maids. Some maids like Yuri Alpha and CZ2128_Delta question why the master and the subordinates would wear the same mask, which Demiurge states will serve as their signature and label them as being part of the same faction.

Given Demiurge is a demon himself, Yuri asks why bother asking them for their views. Demiurge knows all about the demonic characteristics of his kind, but wishes to get the perspectives from other races hence why he included the Pleiades in this mask design session. Satisfied with his answer Yuri agrees to help, since they will be part of the operation for when the masks will be used.

To start off, Demiurge introduces the maids to mask designs made anonymously and wants their candid feedback. Yuri faced with such a crucial decision to decide which mask to pick without insulting the maker, wonders how to navigate through this and hopes that her sisters also share this view. Sadly it doesn't seem that way as CZ2I28 declares that she will pick the cutest mask presented.

The first mask (A), is the Mask of Envy. Lupusregina Beta curious to what kind of mask it is, is told by CZ2I28 and Yuri that its a mask that is worn by Ainz while pretending to be a human magic caster. Lupusregina playfully wears it and states that since its already an item associated with Ainz it cannot be used as a mask for Jaldabaoth or his servants.

The second mask (B) is one that is an exact likeness of Entoma Vasilissa Zeta's face. Yuri with fears thinks that it's a Mask Bug, but Demiurge assures her that it's just a mask. While the mask clears the first condition as its face is unknown to the inhabitants of the New World, the appearance is not at all demonic. To show an example, the maids have Demiurge wear it and find it too cute, save for CZ2I28, for the Demon Emperor to have.

The third mask (C) is exactly opposite of the second, being sharp, possessing devilish horns, fine eye holes, and a Demiurge-like smile. Yuri thinks that this may be the one, and is aghast when her sisters content themselves in fooling around with the mask.

The selection process is not over as Demiurge unexpectedly presents a fourth mask (D), one made of human skin. Yuri is disgusted by the latest mask, but tells herself that she should have expected that a demon like Demiurge would produce something. The other Pleiades take a shine to (D) as it clears all the criteria as well. She worries that they might choose it instead of (C) and frets on making the wrong choice. However, thinking that they will eventually choose (D) she wears the mask when they offer it. It was for nothing as the others decided to go with (C).

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace November 2019 Issue.


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