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Shizu-chan's Head Maid Day (シズちゃんの一日メイド長) is the twenty-eighth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


The Homunculus Maids gather together for a general meeting, where Pestonya Shortcake Wanko invites a guest speaker, CZ2128 Delta. The maids shower the cute Pleiades maid with adoration. When they finally settle down, they learn from her that she has been assigned to be the Head Maid for a day.

A few weeks prior to the announcement, Shizu was approached by Sebas Tian and Pestonya seeking her help. Pestonya wanted the Pleiades member to transfer to the general maid staff to be the Head Maid for a single day. This was so that Shizu could instill a form of unity among the maids by acting as their idol as she is the most popular maid out of the Pleiades. In addition the two plan to host an emergency evacuation drill to prepare the general maids. While the previous invasion of Nazarick was stopped on the 8th Floor it's not a guarantee that a more powerful enemy will not come to invade the 9th Floor. The general maids are relatively weak and not suited for combat. Thus Pestonya asks Shizu to train the maids to properly evacuate in case of an invasion by the enemy.

While Shizu is explaining the evacuation route to the gathered general maids, Pestonya and Sebas Tian watch with approval. Shizu was the perfect choice not just because of her popularity with the maids, but also due to her knowledge of all of Nazarick's gimmicks and traps. And on a smaller note, the activity would distract Shizu from harassing the magical beasts under Aura Bella Fiora's care.

Later two of the general maids in the hallways discuss when the drill will take place, but assume it to be at a random time. They split to resume until the evacuation announcement, when it sounds like one of the maids is soon greeted by Eclair Ecleir Eicler and his Manservant announcing himself and his subordinates as the designated "intruders" of the 9th Floor for the duration of the drill.

Shizu curious to know how the excavation drill is doing, turns invisible to observe the maids. To her puzzlement, she finds three maids are attempting to subdue Eclair rather than evacuating the floor. She puts an end to the debacle and calls to attention the maids, bringing the three maids into account and reminds them that they were supposed to evacuate not attack the intruders. The maids though understand they are weak, but still felt that it was their duty to protect the 9th Floor. Seeing that it was Eclair as the intruder, the maids were confident they could overpower the birdman. Though Shizu berates them that in a real drill, overpowering the enemy could be impossible next time, and if they tried it would most likely lead to their deaths. The maids were fine with that result, however they tear up when Shizu mentions that Ainz Ooal Gown would be distressed if they sacrificed themselves needlessly.

The evacuation drill begins a second time, which Ainz notices after hearing the announcement. Sebas Tian present at his side informs him of the awkward start of the first drill and why they are restarting and apologizes for the disturbance. Ainz sees that it's a minor inconvenience, but is curious and asks where the maids are to evacuate. Sebas Tian replies to the Panic Room located on the floor, surprising Ainz on the various convenient facilities in Nazarick.

Two maids are then seen fleeing from Eclair, now wearing an elaborate mask and carried by two Manservants, declaring himself a fearsome level 80 birdman, before pausing to adjust his mask. The pause is enough for the last two maids to make it into the Panic Room. Being the last ones to finally evacuate, they begin to close the doors, but Eclair manages to enter by having his Manservants toss him and slide along the floor and into the room. Briefly crashing he gets up and declares that the drill has failed as an intruder has successfully infiltrated the sanctuary. However Shizu appears and tells him that he is wrong as he is the one finished in the room. Confused as to why she would say that the penguin demands to know how the maids would be safe from a level 80 enemy within the Panic Room even if they put all their strength together. Eclair continues his lecture on the maid's lack of strength, when a giant ball suspended on a chain swing just above his head, crashes into a wall. Shizu now with a control explains that this room was made by the professor to defeat such foes.

Back in Ainz's office, after hearing that the evacuation zone was the Panic Room, the Supreme Being was satisfied as it was proper for Shizu to be in charge when using that room. Sebas Tian inquires why he would say that, to which Ainz iterates that in a previous experience he and Peroroncino once explored the room together. The two originally thought that it was just a simple evacuation room, until Peroroncino activated one of the traps and got hit by a giant iron ball and slammed into the wall. In reality it was a room full of gimmicks meant to confuse the enemy and Peroroncino ended up testing every last trap to the delight of the creator.

Eclair now trapped in the Panic Room, is dodging and fleeing for his dear life as the various gimmicks come to life and try to impale or cut him. Thankfully the traps were meant for a taller target and did not account for his small height making him come out mostly unscathed, until he touched a floor panel that electrified him. Shizu observing the traps' functions, still wants to do some more testing but Eclair pleads that he is 'dead' already and surrenders.

Later after Shizu reports to Ainz on her role in the drill, she meets with Pestonya, who thanks her for the help. The Head Maid asks what Ainz said to her, to which Shizu replies that he thanked her for her efforts and informed Shizu that her role in Garnet's gimmicks was more vital to the evacuation procedures since the original designer was absent. Seeing that the gimmicks needed improvement to target a small adversary, Shizu vowed to update the traps. Pestonya knowing Eclair to be still recovering suggested to the maid to use a stuffed toy as a replacement to test the traps.

The two walk through the hallways, Pestonya mentally noting that Shizu's knowledge of Nazarick systems was quite useful and if in the hands of the enemy devastating. Though she is thankful for her loyalty to her creator and her closeness to Ainz. They run into Eclair and his Manservant, the former calling Shizu's abilities as indispensable and asking for her support in helping him rule Nazarick. The solicitation is turned down by Shizu, but she considers his proposal if she is allowed to cuddle him whenever she wants. Pestonya is later seen on the 6th Floor, asking Aura to tolerate Shizu's presence and handling of her pets, less Shizu falls into Eclair's hands.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace July 2019 Issue.


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