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Checkmate In The Treasury (宝物磯でチェックメイト) is the twenty-seventh chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


In the Treasury, Ainz Ooal Gown finishes up reading a manifest from Pandora's Actor. Before he goes to depart, the Area Guardian asks a moment of his time. Having no urgent business, Ainz stays a while to hear Pandora's Actor's request. When the Doppelgänger tells him that it's not work related and he just wants to chat, Ainz declines and turns to leave as it is too painful to interact with his creation as he is a constant reminder of Ainz's chuunibyou phase. Pandora's Actor begs him to wait, complaining that he only leaves the Treasury when he has to play as Momon. He rarely addresses Ainz as his parent and craves his attention. Ainz now feeling responsible, decides to remain which brings happiness to the Area Guardian.

To pass the time Pandora's Actor then sets up a chess board on a table, declaring that Ainz is to be black and he will be white. Ainz reads through the display as another one of Pandora's Actor's intent to create an intelligent yet serious atmosphere while playing chess. The Area Guardian is looking forward to checkmating at the game when the discussion reaches its climax.

The motive of Pandora's Actor weighs on Ainz's mind who knows that he made the character to be intelligent. While Ainz is skilled in shogi he can't be sure about chess, but since the NPC has his personality and was confident in chess, then it is logical to think that they might be evenly matched or better yet he might be at an advantage. Ainz decides to forgo the chess game, on the basis that the difference in skill would be unfair, and settles to having a talk.

Having a normal conversation, Pandora's Actor gets up from the opposite couch to sit next to Ainz, but is redirected back to his original seat as a face to face conversation is proper. The two briefly sit in silence, until Pandora's Actor nervously glances at the chess board next to him until he finally puts it back on the table. In confusion Ainz tries to take the board away as he thought they agreed not to play chess. But Pandora' Actor states that he will play by himself, having immense practice through all the time he spent alone in the Treasury. He offers to continue their conversation whilst he plays against himself. As Pandora's Actor plays, he speaks with his creator on his duties in the Treasury and his assignment as Momon's double, both which are proceeding as acceptable. During the conversation Ainz mentions that he acquired a new magic from the New World, which briefly excites the doppelgänger who collects original magic items when he work as Momon. However the item Ainz bought in question was a household item so he gave it to Albedo as a present but offers to show it to his creation.

Seeing that Pandora's Actor is in depth in his game, Ainz decides to distract him a bit by mentioning the lack of progress in locating the one who brainwashed Shalltear Bloodfallen. Pandora's Actor agrees that the enemy is still unknown. Ainz looking at the pieces on the board, sees that it's close to checkmate chance, an opportunity to create an aggressive cool mood by doing checkmates according to the conversation and surrounding circumstances. Ainz confesses that the enemy is quite capable in hiding and that his sin as a leader will not vanish until they are extinguished. Pandora's Actor agrees that the enemy is terrifying and ends a checkmate of white to black. He kneels on the floor at his loss and Ainz the departs promising to return thankful that the game was quick.

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  • This chapter first appears in Monthly Comp Ace June 2019 Issue.


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