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Tell Me! Four Words You Learned From Ainz-sama (おしえて!アインズさままんがで覚える字熟語) is the twenty-fifth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


At The Very Beginning Of One's Speech (開ロ一番に (かいこういちばん) )[]

Solution Epsilon tells Yuri Alpha that she learned a new technique who is surprised that would be the first thing her sister would say. To demonstrate, she unveils her new skill of duplicating herself. To the shocked Yuri, it's not really an actual clone, but a Doppelgänger that Solution hid insider her and can be pulled out when the situation arises.

Poetic Justice (勧善懲悪 (かんぜんちょうあく) )[]

Peroroncino asks Touch Me if there are any special effect images that are simple for children. Touch Me states that there is such an aspect geared to target children and explains what justice is. The paladin then goes on a long winded explanation of justice and its philosophical concepts involved with the special effects. Later the birdman laments to Momonga that he had to endure through that lecture from Touch Me until he finally got the recommended fifty special effects.

Trial and Tribulation (艱難辛苦 (かんなんしんく) )[]

The Elven Slaves' reminiscence of having once been enslaved by the Slane Theocracy. Having their ears cut, they were sold to a low life such as Erya Uzruth who constantly abused them. Fate would have that their misery would kill their master through an unfortunate accident. They were given mercy, their ears healed, and now serve a cute new master who they help dress. With these the three elves rejoice in being alive.

Now Let's Return To The Main Subject (閑話休題 (かんわきゅうだい) )[]

Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra, sitting down with the rest of Blue Roses finishes discussing the newest job they have been offered. She then opens the meeting to any relevant questions. Evileye has one concerning Lakyus's ability in "suppressing" the dark energy of the sword Kilineiram. Lakyus nervously begins to reply but then sweeps the conversation away like it never happened much to Evileye's disbelief.

To Glare Like A Tiger Watching His Prey (虎視眈眈 (こし-たんたん) )[]

Cocytus shouts out to Sebas Tian to teach him to be more be grandfatherly in preparation for Ainz Ooal Gown's successor. Prior to this, Cocytus was in the Bar with Demiurge telling that he wishes to be like an older senior to the heir of Nazarick. Demiurge suggests that he learns from Sebas Tian as he is more fitting for the title. Back in the present Sebas Tian sees through Cocytus at aiming for the same role and curses Demiurge's mouth.

Self-Admiration (自画自賛 (じがじさん) )[]

Ainz after being presented with Demiurge's Throne of Bones, tries to find the right words for the grisly furniture. Demiurge unaware of Ainz's disgust of the piece goes to accept the praise and explains its features and the characteristics of the bones used. Unfortunately Ainz has trouble understanding what bone is what.

Phantom (神出鬼没 (しんしゅつきぼつ) )[]

Lupusregina Beta scares Enri Emmot from behind. Enri complains to the maid that she nearly scared her to death. Lupusregina says that this is normal for her and her sisters as they are good at hiding. Enri comments that it must be hard for the eldest sister, though Lupusregina admits that her sister Yuri uses magic items to determine where they are hiding.

Pass The Buck (責任転嫁 (せきにんてんか) )[]

After finally acquiring an item drop from an arduous quest, Ulbert Alain Odle complains that they should have gone with the first plan, blaming Touch Me for the reason for the ordeal. The two players are on the verge of fighting. Momonga tries to deescalate the situation, but Bukubukuchagama is a step ahead of him. To calm things done, she publicly announces that the fault lies with her foolish brother and transfers blame for the incident to Peroroncino.

Once In A Lifetime (千載一遇 (せんざいいちぐう) )[]

The Orb of Death complains to Hamsuke to be returned to Ainz Ooal Gown. Hamsuke is annoyed by the noise it is making in its cheeks. To sate the item's need to be in the presence of a powerful undead, Hamsuke calls over to a Death Knight. The Death Knight peers into the hamster's mouth and causes the intelligent artifact to calm down as it basks in the unholy glow of the Death Knight.

Standing On Formality (他人行儀 (たにんぎょうぎ) )[]

Imina having found a great bargain of an expensive magic item in the market gives it to her friend Arche Eeb Rile Furt. Arche is shocked at the gift, but Imina tells her not to worry about the cost as this is thanks for providing magic support to the team. Arche is thankful for such a good friend. Later Hekkeran Termite is seen trying to calm a drunk Imina at a bar. A waitress asks Arche if that woman is a friend of her's, to which Arch looks away in embarrassment claiming she doesn't know her.

Lightning Speed (電光石火 (でんこうせっか) )[]

In relief Yamaiko tells her friends Momonga and Bukubukuchagama of her encounter with a cockroach in her home in the real world. She managed to corner the bug, by trapping it in a box and as insurance placed many textbooks on top of it to prevent it from escaping. Too terrified to kill it, Yamaiko can only hope that it dies naturally. This causes Momonga to comment that Yamaiko in real life is not such a strong character.

Naivete (天真欄漫 (てんしんらんまん) )[]

Two goblins, one from the Goblin Musician Corps and the other from the Goblin Assassin Squad, agree that Nemu Emmot is cute and roar that they want to marry her. Jugem coming over to the newly summoned goblins, tells the two that Nemu is still a child in human society. The goblins are shocked at the revelation, as they assumed that Nemu was an adult, since mature goblin women are around her height. Jugem tells the two not to think on that basis else they would regret it.

Incredulous (半信半疑 (はんしんはんぎ) )[]

Momonga has a newly crafted staff, but it needs a name. He goes to Tabula Smaragdina hoping that he would provide some inspiration with all the knowledge he has on mythology. Tabula suggests using the name of a Creator Deity, like Onyankopon which in the local language means "great person". The other player suspects that Momonga doubts him, but Momonga states that he totally believes and trusts Tabula, despite his look of hesitance.

Veteran (百戦錬磨 (ひゃくせんれんま) )[]

Evileye fantasizes about her love interest and hero, Momon. Then a dark thought appears when she remembers his beautiful partner, Nabe, who is also a woman. Evileye tries to shake away her concerns, telling herself to be confident. All these actions of her fuming and thinking to herself are watched by her companions who wonder what kind of faces are happening behind her mask.

Extremely Rude (無礼千万 (ぶれいせんばん) )[]

Neuronist Painkill runs into Entoma Vasilissa Zeta, commenting that the maid seems to have a lot of trouble. Neuronist takes a seat next to her colleague, offering her to listen to her woes as it would be best to let it out than withhold it. Entoma tells Neuronist of her encounter with unpleasant humans who called her a monster and insulted her maid outfit. Neuronist hearing that notes that to be extremely rude to such a cute maid. The torturer vows that if that person ever came into Nazarick, she would put them to pain much to Entoma's glee.

Overbearing (傍若無人 (ぼうじゃくぶじん) )[]

Sebas Tian going down the hallways of the 9th Floor hears Albedo lecturing someone through a cracked door. Taking a look he finds the Overseer Guardian scolding her Bicorn summon for not being able to carry her due to her being a virgin as an excuse. The butler then closes the door and decides that he did not see anything.

Unanimous (満場一致 (まんじょういっち) )[]

In the Throne Room, Punitto Moe congratulates Momonga on his appointment to Guildmaster, which the latter accepts though he still feels unsure of his position. Momonga is afraid that he will collapse the guild but Punitto Moe assures him that his nomination as the Guildmaster was unanimous and that everyone will cooperate. Punitto Moe offers to be his counsel in terms of knowledge and asks if Momonga had time to read his book, PKing for Dummies. Momonga has but still asks Punitto Moe to teach him "everything on the human mind" making his friend sweat on Momonga's uncertainty in his abilities.

Thoroughly Prepared (用意周到 (よういしゅうとう) )[]

Crusch Lulu asks Zaryusu Shasha who their child takes after. The latter states that it doesn't matter, but Crusch expresses her worry that since the baby has similar skin like her there will be problems. To be prepared Crusch made grass clothes for the child if it has vulnerable skin like her. She even proposes that the three take a walk in matching bush outfits on a nice day.

Ad Hoc (臨機応変 (りんきおうへん) )[]

Ainz Ooal Gown asks Nabe if Pandora's Actor is acting his part as Momon in his absence via [Message]. Nabe reports that the Area Guardian has been flexible in his role as Momon and was even asked to be the godfather to an unbom child by a woman. As for the name, Pandora's Actor offered using the name Kugel Schreiber. The name was accepted to Ainz’s distress.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace April 2019 Issue.


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