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Fun Obamas Conjecture (たのしいオバマス予想) is the twenty-fourth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Ainz Ooal Gown attends a special Ainz Venue at the incidence of Demiurge to check on some new material for the franchise. Albedo discloses some confidential information regarding the Overlord series, that a game based on it will soon be released in 2019 called Mass for the Dead. Ainz curious asks what the genre of the game is, but Demiurge does not have information but he does have his suspicions. While Ainz assumes it to be some sort of Role Playing Game (RPG), Demiurge thinks with confidence that it is to be an idol training game. The reason being that the current top ranking games are mainly RPG puzzle idol training ones. So it only makes sense for Mass for the Dead to be that type of genre to join the competition in the game market.

If the upcoming game is going to be an idol training one, Demiurge thinks that one of the appeals of the game would be the diversity of races a player can play as. However since this is expected for such a game, Ainz believes that a romantic subplot would be included as idol game are full of such tropes. It would also mean that a player can choose to be either male of female depending on their preference. Albedo has already anticipated this and after doing some market research has come to the conclusion that the game would be divided into romance paths, two for men and two for women. She thinks Ainz would be the top idol in the game, and briefly worries about the men overshadowing the female characters.

Demiurge has Entoma Vasilissa Zeta use her image abilities to conjure a game screen to provide Ainz a prototype of how the game is expected to look like. Entoma warns her master that while the visual effects are roughly done, the sound effects have not been inputted. Hence to cover this oversight, the Erich String Orchestra led by Chacmool is providing a live orchestra for the music from behind a curtain. The game begins the story mode where the main character is a Homunculus who works at the idol office of Nazarick Productions. Lines for the various characters are said out loud by the various NPCs from Nazarick. The homunculus, who Ainz named as Suzuki Satoru, meets Albedo in the game on their way to see the president. Together they enter a seemingly mundane office, manned by Momonga as the president of the company. For Momonga's lines in the story, Pandora's Actor serves as his voice actor from a separate room with the other voice actors as the scenario develops. In the game, Momonga reminds Satoru about the upcoming live idol show Albedo is performing and asks him to help her. The game story is then paused so Demiurge can show Ainz the game's idol tutorial.

After the Hamsuke icon finishes loading, the panel shows the music selection screen, which Demiurge explains was incorporated with a rhythm game from a similar idol game. There is only one song they have, "intention" by EASY, which was from a CD Drama that came out with Overlord Volume 04. The actual song would then be sung by Albedo. The rules of the tutorial are simple, the round notes that pop out from the center of the screen move according to the rhythm to the seven marks arranged in a circle, which is later revealed to represent of the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown. The player taps the mark at the moment when the notes and the mark overlap. After Ainz successfully completes the tutorial, Demiurge congratulates him praising his abilities despite the game's relative easiness.

The game's story continues leading to Momonga congratulating Satoru on a job well done, but he has some bad news. Nazarick Productions is now facing a lack of manpower. Even Albedo's producer has decided to quit due to the low income. Momonga is now the lone member of the AOG41 who stayed to keep the music company afloat and asks Satoru to save the struggling organization from bankruptcy. The tutorial ends with the player given a mission to find a new idol. The game includes gacha which is common in smartphone games to help in the idol training and allows to draw ten consecutive scouts with one Specially Super Rare (SSR) or high idol character for free. As an example, one of the characters is Momonga who is called Ainz and acts as a solo idol gacha game character. Albedo and Demiurge are shocked that Ainz got that gacha character wondering if it was fate, though Ainz points out that it was possible Entoma who shifted the odds in his favor as she could control the game panel. However Entoma states that the selection was generated at random and is determined by the emission rate of each idol. Eight more idol characters are provided to Ainz's player which include Narberal Gamma, Cocytus, Foire, Eclair Ecleir Eicler and several Manservants. Despite them all being idols, Ainz comments that their game characters appear normal, to which Demiurge explains that the characters gacha characters will eventually change into stage costumes when they evolve by raising their levels. The variety of costumes will increase due to various events such as Valentine's Day and Halloween.

With that a shot of the game's promotion is presented at the last panel with an announcement that the game would be released in early 2019.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace March 2019 Issue.


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