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If You Get Into The Game (もしゲームに入っちゃったら) is the twentieth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Outside the Central Mausoleum of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Touch Me tells Bukubukuchagama that he learned that a new anime is coming out soon. He can't recall the title of the anime but knows that it's based on a light novel. Peroroncino enters the conversation and asks Touch Me to describe the synopsis of the series so they can determine the title. The paladin agrees and states that the light novel was about a character finding himself unable to logout of a DMMO-RPG. Momonga has heard of the series, but states that something like that could never happen in real life. Peroroncino thinks that maybe he should get his sister to sponsor the upcoming anime, which annoys Bukubukuchagama as he is deciding for her. They get into a sibling argument soon after on how comfortable they would feel if they were trapped in their avatar bodies if they could not logout.

Momonga and Ulbert Alain Odle have a chat on this, in which the former believes that it would be a good excuse to get out of work. Though they all agree that if such a thing were to befall Herohero, who is absent from doing overtime at work, he would not accept it. Touch Me goes back to talk about the possibility of being stuck in a game, specifically if you can die for real while trapped. Bukubukuchagama thinks that the safe option would be to stay where it's safe to avoid monsters and getting killed by other players. If that's the case, Momonga believes hiding out in the Great Tomb of Nazarick would be the safest place, though Peroroncino disagrees as there might be a traitor hiding among the guild, like him for example. Bukubukuchagama nonchalantly then tells Momonga to kill her brother should that be the case to Peroroncino's annoyance. Touch Me argues that attacking guildmembers should not be approved, though Ulbert disagrees as if one of their own were to be trapped in the game, anything could happen. For if logging out would be impossible, then all cyber laws would be invalid and possibly lead the game into a state of lawlessness.

Peroroncino wonders if such a situation might happen when he goes to see a Succubus and tries to get Momonga to come with him. Momonga comments that he wouldn't find the situation funny when his life is endangered. Many are at a loss on how to react to such a theoretical situation, but agree that staying in Nazarick would be the best choice as there are plenty of facilities to keep them entertained. Or even kill time by taking an example with Blue Planet and Luci★Fer and fiddle with data crystals to make golems. Momonga though doesn't find an appeal to make such motifs, to which Peroroncino recommends focusing on magic. Ulbert even suggests that he could make a summoning item for undead like how he did with demons. Sadly neither provides Momonga any appeal. Bukubukuchagama admits that being trapped in the game wouldn't affect her role as a voice actor, though she is worried about her appearance. Touch Me also wouldn't like to be trapped as he has a family. Peroroncino agrees as he has a lot of eroge he still wants to experience though his concerns hold very little sympathy from Bukubukuchagama.

As the two siblings argue, with Touch Me trying to calm them down, Momonga and Ulbert share some words on the possibility of being trapped in the game. Momonga having no one to return to thinks it wouldn't be so bad, to which Ulbert agrees that reality is crap, though the same could be said in YGGDRASIL as its mechanics are questionable. Momonga hopes a situation like being trapped never occurs and he decides to enjoy the time with his guild.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace November 2018 Issue.
  • Originally when this chapter made its first debut in Monthly Comp Ace, it was one chapter, however, it was later split in Overlord: The Undead Oh! Volume 04.


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