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Let's Make Peroroncino (ペロロンチーノを作らう) is the twentieth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Aura Bella Fiora comes into the room to find Shalltear Bloodfallen sitting at a table reading a book. Not wanting to disturb her the dark elf turns to leave until she is called back by Shalltear. Aura asks what she is doing, to which the vampire replies that she is trying to improve her image as a Floor Guardian. Since she had that unfortunate incident she feels somewhat ashamed of the blunder and is trying to improve herself. Aura thinks that's why Shalltear is reading a book to enrich herself and starts to admire the act, until Shalltear makes a comment about how holding a book makes her look smart. Annoyed the dark elf plucks the book from her colleague's hands and is disappointed that it's just a cook book. Aura starts to tease Shalltear that she couldn't comprehend the material as she is an undead that can't understand food.

Shalltear takes the book back and tells Aura to give her some credit. Reading through the pages Shalltear is shocked when she see Peroroncino as one of recipes listed. Aura is surprised as well and takes a look and sees that it's just a pasta dish with the same name. Shalltear though believes that the dish Peperoncino must be significant to her creator. The dish being simple, Aura suggests Shalltear try and cook it as the items from the New World, don't possess buffing effects thus should be safe to cook even without a Cook class. Shalltear isn't sure, but changes her mind when Aura mentions they could ask Yuri Alpha for help.

At their request Yuri welcomes the opportunity to teach, and gathers all the needed ingredients. While the water in the pot is being boiled, Shalltear examines some of the items, one being garlic, which Aura asks if she is fine handling it, given she is a vampire. Shalltear is indignant at the question, as she doesn't want to be compared to those vampires that have an aversion to garlic or those other vampire stereotypes. During the process Yuri explains the steps and what ingredients to add, and even tries to explain some of the cooking terms, but to her disappointment Shalltear is only interested in the cooking procedure. The dish of Peperoncino is complete and Shalltear is immensely pleased with herself. Though the experience was good, Shalltear still wants to know the relationship the dish has with Peroroncino, which Yuri explains is the arrangement of the letters. Just as the thought dawns on the group, Aura asks if they should add chicken wings to the dish which causes Shalltear to be angry at the disrespect.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace November 2018 Issue.


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