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Let's Make A Spirit Horse (精霊馬を作ろう) is the nineteenth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore come to Ainz Ooal Gown's office to inquire about two strange figurines left at the home by Bukubukuchagama. Ainz worried it may be some sort of inappropriate toy bids the dark elves to show them to him. The items turn out to be an eggplant and cucumber with sticks for legs. Seeing the two figurines, Ainz realizes that they are shouryouma or "spirit horses." In the past players were gifted these as interior decorations as a reward for clearing a seasonal YGGDRASIL event. The dark elves hearing that it's called a spirit horse wonder if they have some sort of plant monster like a treant, but Ainz assures them that it's just an item. He further explains that the item is referred to as a horse due to its four-legged appearance from the skewers. The word "spirit" is attached to it as a spirit horse is said to serve as a vehicle for the dead. The elves are further shocked as they have never seen a skeleton ride a giant vegetable.

Ainz tells the two that the spirit horse doesn't work in that capacity as it is just a metaphorical vessel to temporarily welcome the souls of the dead. In addition while the cucumber and eggplant skewers models are collectively called "spirit horses" the eggplant is actually referred to as a "cow". The "horse" is used by spirits to quickly come to the land of the living whereas the "cow" is used by said spirit to slowly return back to the land of the dead. However this only serves to give Aura the misinterpretation that the two items are literally summoning items for undead creatures. Ainz tells her that it's just a custom that people believe in and has no actual summoning abilities. Hearing that Aura is disappointed that the items are really just figurines, but Ainz tells her not to be dissuaded as they have an interesting history of descendants using them to welcome their ancestors. Aura piques at the word "ancestor" and asks if a creator is the same. Aura and Mare then decide to make a spirit horse for Bukubukuchagama. Even though Bukubukuchagama isn't dead, Ainz decides not to ruin the idea for the elves as in a way Bukubukuchagama is dead or long gone now that they are in a new world. The two Floor Guardians leave promising to make a spirit horse for Bukubukuchagama. After they leave Ainz contemplates that maybe he should make one himself.

Unknown to his knowledge the elves regroup on the 6th Floor and gather the Floor Guardians and some members of Pleiades to make their own shouryoumas for their Supreme Beings using various vegetables believing it would summon them back to them. To prevent the spirits of their creators from returning back to the spirit world, Aura even omitted eggplants from the materials.

Shalltear Bloodfallen makes a shouryouma in the shape of a wooden horse, which disgusts the other Floor Guardians due to the idea that Shalltear would make a torture device as a vehicle for Peroroncino despite her insistence it would be his preference. Her views are only shared by Albedo who also made a wooden horse type shouryouma for Tabula Smaragdina. Narberal Gamma presents her shouryoumas, which are two cucumbers with legs that the maid hopes to see Nishikienrai standing upon both and riding them. Cocytus finds Narberal's idea appealing and presents his own shouryouma, which is a sculpture of Rororo. However the head pieces prove too heavy and it falls over.

The dark elves also made a shouryouma creating a pumpkin carriage pulled by cucumber horses for Bukubukuchagama. While proud of their work, Demiurge notes that they forgot to add a coach driver. The Floor Guardians struggle to come up with a solution to this problem. Narberal offers to add her shouryoumas to the twins' work. Though a problem still begs on how the carriage will be effectively driven. Ultimately it is Sebas Tian who provides a cucumber fragment made to look like a coach seat which he claims that his creator Touch Me could sit upon and drive the carriage. The twins thank him for his contribution, to which Sebas Tian says it is nothing special, as he was pleased to help. Demiurge then presents his own work, which resembles him as he hope his creator will be brought back through a vessel that looks like his creation. Solution Epsilon displays her creation, a shouryouma in the shape of a bed for her tired master Herohero. When questioned how it would move, Solution stated that it had legs to walk on. Though later she is convinced to attached it to one of the other shouryoumas like Cocytus' Rororo so that the latter can be more stable.

Ainz arrives to the surprise of many and Aura tries to apologize for the unauthorized gathering. Her master did not come to scold them, only merely to show them his own shouryouma made in the image of a marine battleship: Spirit Battleship Ainz Ooal Gown. The shouryouma is praised as the best one to carry the Supreme Beings from the other world. In recognition of their works, Ainz decides to preserve each shouryouma with magical protection and display them in the Treasury until the day they find the real Supreme Beings.

At a later date, Ainz finds himself in the Treasury and is shocked that even more shouryoumas are being made. Pandora's Actor even reports that he has more than fifty shouryouma made by the denizens of the dungeon.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace October 2018 Issue.


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