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Anime With Baseball Time Is A Masterpiece (野球回のあるアニメは名作) is the eighteenth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Ainz Ooal Gown is given a celebratory surprise by the Floor Guardians to congratulate him on the upcoming third season of the Overlord (Anime). Everyone is talking about their hope in getting over a 100 likes for this season. Ainz though breaks it to them that they may not reach their expectation, because many fans are waiting for the anime to catch up to the original work. Albedo says that's alright and that they can gain fans by including some new original characters or plots. Like having a princess switch places with a commoner or even having two children discover a new species and helping free it.

Albedo cautions them in adding new characters though and believes that it's best to stick to existing characters like Ainz and advocates an original anime episode with Ainz and her in swimsuits. Ainz has reservations on going outside of Nazarick to swim, but Albedo has taken care of that stating they would be doing this bit in the dungeon in Water Park Nazarick on the 9th Floor. While doing a swimsuit piece is an appealing idea, Demiurge tells them according to a rumor he heard, anime with baseball scenes are considered a masterpiece. The idea is bought by the Floor Guardians who take time to prepare as a few like Mare Bello Fiore need to study up on the sport. Demiurge gives the basics on the game explaining that two teams repeatedly "attack" and "defend" against each other once an "inning" as "front" and "back." Hitting the ball is defined as "attacking" while throwing the ball is "defending." Shalltear Bloodfallen wonders if it should be reversed as throwing a ball seems to be more offensive. But Demiurge states that the team who are hitting the ball have a goal to win thus it is regarded as "attacking". Shalltear still thinks that the pitcher is the one leading the attack as they hit the hardball and putting out a preemptive attack on the pack and get only three attacks. Aura tells the vampire to stop focusing on attacks. Shalltear still doesn't get it and asks if buffing is allowed in the game. Since there is no rule against buffing Demiurge and Mare believe it to be okay. It was only from Ainz's interjection that he explains that buffs and debuffs were against the spirit of fair play bringing the Floor Guardians to an understanding. Later Mare notes that having Cocytus play at the batter cage might be a problem due to his massive physique extending past the batter area and considered a foul. Instead of actively playing on the field, Cocytus recommends that he acts as the coach for one of the teams, for which he wishes to include the lizardmen in the baseball game. Ainz finds the idea acceptable and is secretly pleased with Cocytus's mental growth.

The two teams meet at the Amphitheater on the 6th Floor where the game is announced by Kyouhukou. The teams are Nazarick High School versus the Lizardmen. The first at the bat is Zaryusu Shasha, with a Vampire Bride serving as an umpire, Albedo as a pitcher and Ainz, in his Momon armor, acting as a catcher. The latter having received the position at the insistence of Demiurge believing he would be at the best location to demonstrate his talent. However, Momon forgets which signal is to throw a straight ball and instead signals Albedo a sign that translates as "Tonight is okay," causing the pitcher to blush and collapse. Shalltear is up next to the pitcher and nearly falls to the same outburst when Momon sends the same signal and throws a foul ball.

The vampire bride referees then come out to discuss some infractions by both teams. It turns out that the Lizardmen are being disqualified as a banned drug was detected in the drinks of the players served by Crusch Lulu. Nazarick High School is announced as the victors by default. Albedo and Shalltear cheer at their "victory" much to Ainz's confusion on the result. The end of the chapter announces Overlord III would air in July 2018.

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  • This chapter first appears in Monthly Comp Ace August 2018 Issue.


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