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Maid Cafe Pleiades (メイド喫茶プレアデス) is the sixteenth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Eclair Ecleir Eicler is dumped onto the floor by Lupusregina Beta. Indignant at the treatment, the assistant deputy butler is faced by a scene of the Pleiades smiling and welcoming him. Much to his confusion, they begin calling him master and serving him at a table. The penguin thinks he is dreaming as this is the kind of treatment he strove to receive once he became the ruler of Nazarick. Eclair announces that he is pleased the Pleiades finally recognized him as the master of Nazarick. He makes the mistake of touching Entoma Vasilissa Zeta's hand while she is cleaning a table, earning him a physical rebuke from Lupusregina to not touch the maids.

To explain to Eclair the aids give him a presentation of what they call "Maid Cafe Pleiades," a coffee shop they run in their free time to practice working as maids. The idea coming from a light novel in Ashurbanipal called "Deputy Student Council President Is A Charismatic And Number One Maid!? ~ Regardless of Criticism ~ " To spread their hospitality service, the maids give Eclair a point card which counts the number reward points he receives when he comes to the cafe. The accumulated points reflect a master's rank and treatment. Similar to the Adventurer's Guild's rank system the highest rank is Adamantite where the master receives a V.I.P. treatment. Since Eclair is their first customer they will provide him with the lowest level of care.

To start Solution Epsilon gives the penguin a menu. This surprises Eclair as the maids don't have any cooking skills other than Yuri Alpha. Lupusregina assures him that the food is outsourced from the main cafeteria in Nazarick, which Eclair is relieved to hear. If the penguin still wishes for a handmade meal by the maids, he would have to achieve Orichalcum rank, though Eclair passes the offer as the level of food would not be edible save for in Yuri's hands. One item on the menu catches Eclair's interest, being Maid's Special Omelette. Seeing he also lacks a straw to drink, he requests one, but is coldly denied by Narberal Gamma to drink it as it is.

While waiting for his food, Eclair is given a lecture by Lupusregina on each of the Pleiades maid names and character while working in the cafe. For example, Narberal or Gamma-chan as she is referred to at the cafe is the S Maid that coldly serves the lower tier customers. If Eclair wants to get better service, he would have to come to the cafe at least a thousand times to get to Adamantite rank. There are maids that Eclair can expect to get better service such as CZ2128 Delta or Delta-chan the kind maid. Though for Eclair, the other maid's care is akin to torture as the automaton crushes him in a hug and swings him around like a toy. After being released from Delta, Yuri asks if Eclair is okay, at this point Lupusregina introduces her as the serious maid much to Yuri's embarrassment. Lupusregina further confesses to Eclair that the other maid was initially against the maid cafe idea as the maid uniform skirts were too short. Solution is introduced as the gluttonous maid, causing Eclair to wonder why she would have a characteristic like that in the hospitality business. He at first thinks she just eats other customers' food, though hints that she actually eats poor patrons. The last is Entoma Vasilissa Zeta who has the attribute of being an eating maid. Eclair though feels that the maids' characteristics are worn out much to the dismay of the Pleiades.

The food for Eclair is just about ready when the penguin asks what Lupusregina's trait is, which the maid claims to be the werewolf maid, from the Doggy Kingdom that is hard working and seeking to please her master but Eclair sees through the exaggeration. Eclair's food order hits him, literally, as Narberal brings out a tray with his order. Since he is the first customer the maids give him the option of choosing which maid to personally decorate his omelette. He selects Yuri, after some encouragement from her sister to write the word "heart" on the dish. In addition to add some seasoning, the Pleiades provide a spectacle with Entoma spraying a sauce on the dish. Eclair immediately loses his appetite at the display. Lupusregina explains that due to being unable to cook meals with buff effects, the maids wanted to add something to the dish. The offending dish though is quietly taken away by Yuri, but Eclair decides to enjoy his juice for the time being. The maids are disappointed that they were unable to convey a proper service as a maid cafe. Their mood is brightened though by Pestonya Shortcake Wanko after she brings snacks. The Head Maid had originally come to inspect the cafe thinking it would outshine the Homunculus Maids service, though after looking at things it appears to her that the idea might be broken.

Pestonya comforts the Pleiades, telling them they should not be forcing themselves to take duties as actual maids. She reminds them that they were made as battle maids. That their strength laid in protecting the general staff like her and the others who are weak from invaders who are assured that they can always work safely. Yuri seeing this now decides to shut down the cafe, as for the tableware borrowed from the cafeteria, Pestonya asks if they could discard the disgusting meal. Lupusregina then tells Eclair, who is once again trapped in Shizu's arms, to keep his point card as a souvenir.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace July 2018 Issue.


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