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Birth Of A Foolish Parent (生みの親バカ) is the fifteenth chapter of the Overlord: The Undead Oh! series.


Herohero shows Momonga, Bukubukuchagama, and Peroroncino one of the Homunculus Maids stating that she now can move under the condition that a player is near for a certain time. Peroroncino is elated that the cute maid is now capable of movement and wishes that his friend move to the next step in making her talk. Alas Herohero states that such a leap is impossible to give the AI of the NPC the ability to speak a full conversation, but the best he could do now is make her shout a word. The birdman becomes disgruntled at hearing the limits of the game. To test out the NPC's function, Herohero asks Peroroncino to stand away at a radius of 100 meters.

Despite the limits Momonga is sure that the NPCs of Nazarick will soon be moving. Peroroncino then comes with an idea to have his NPC, Shalltear Bloodfallen to call him older brother, though Herohero states that technically he would be her father causing him to be more enthusiastic with the idea. Shaking himself from his lewd thoughts, Peroroncino mentions how Shalltear is supposed to have a personality like a prostitute's much to the others disgust. He goes on to say that he even gave her a backstory on who she falls in love with, of course Momonga. The reason being Shalltear's setting having been set to be a necrophiliac's.

Peroroncino acts as a father of his creation, and Momonga teases him calling him "father-in-law" which the former takes a dislike to and he goes on to defend her when her appearance and age are questioned. Pointing out that Shalltear is of a legal age despite her appearance due to her being a member of a long-lived species similar to the NPC Mare Bello Fiore. Though Momonga decides that the dark elf is out as he is a boy which causes offense to Bukubukuchagama. Momonga does admit that Aura Bella Fiora is cute which brings out a question on who he prefers from Peroroncino and Bukubukuchagama. Momonga picking between Shalltear and Aura, but Momonga avoids to answer stating that the two are too short for him to be matched with. Herohero thinking that Momonga likes a mature woman, suggests Solution Epsilon. But Momonga not wanting to give an answer ends the conversation. Peroroncino is not done with his friend though and continues to tell Momonga all about Shalltear and her data believing if he is more familiar to her, he would begin to like her though Momonga doubts the information will be useful.

Years later during the Bloody Valkyrie Incident, Momonga reminisces how Peroroncino's lectures on Shalltear may have helped while he faces against the brainwashed Floor Guardian.

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  • This chapter first appears in the Monthly Comp Ace June 2018 Issue.
  • Originally when this chapter made its first debut in Monthly Comp Ace, it was one chapter, however, it was later split in Overlord: The Undead Oh! Volume 03.


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